Dinner in the Sky Excursions à Athènes
Dinner in the Sky: An extraordinary culinary proposal -in the center of Athens- welcomes you! A table for 22 people, along with our experienced chefs who are preparing a 5 course menu, lifts you up to 50 meters and offers once in a life time experience over the city.
Dinner in the Sky takes you to heaven, while the nightlife of Athens “awakens”. As the table slowly rotates you get views ranging from the sculpturally lit Acropolis, the surrounding mountains, the sea and of course the Athenian cityscape.
Invite your friends, loved ones or colleagues to a special dinner and spice up your nights in Athens with a combination of exceptional food and breathtaking views. Try special, modern tastes inspired by the Greek tradition accompanied by delicious Greek wines. Soup Trilogy
– Yellow peppers, celery, green apple and bruschetta with fish roe
– Avocado & apple
– Cucumber and mango
Groats salad - with lettuce, cucumber, marinated sea bass with thyme and coriander
Shrimp Saganaki - with tomato sauce, ouzo, feta cheese and olive oil
Picanha with Oxymeli sauce served with vegetables & butter potatoes
Dessert Trilogy
-Crispy biscuit with creme lemon & lemon sauce
-Chocolate mousse
-Ekmek kataifi
The meal is accompanied by delicious Greek wines.
Octopus with olives, peppers, caper, beetroot & mizouna salad
Dolmadakia from Kassos (stuffed vine leaves with rice, minced meat & herbs) served with aromatic yogurt sauce.
Steamed shrimp with avocado & cherry tomatoes on a Sancristain & basil panacotta crust.
Veal fillet ‘rotti’ with ginger & orange sauce, served with potatoes puree, eggplant stuffed with vegetables, feta cheese & thyme.
Dessert Trilogy
Crispy biscuit with creme lemon & lemon sauce.
Chocolate mousse
Ekmek Kataifi.
The meal is accompanied by delicious Greek wines.
Menu is subject to change.
Duration: Approximately 1.5 hours.
Start/opening time: 1/05 - 31/5 at 7:30pm and 9:30pm.
1/6 - 31/8 At 8pm and 10pm.
1/9 - 14/9 at 7:30pm and 9:30pm.
15/9 - 30/9 at 7pm and 9pm.
Others: The platform is elevated up to 50 meters. The selected height depends mostly on weather conditions. Dinner can be cancelled due to weather conditions.
Smoking is not permitted during your ‘flight’. Security reasons prohibit smoking on Dinner in the Sky everywhere in the world. But you can smoke in the lounge area before and after your dinner.
We can tailor the menu according to the dietary requirements of the customer. We just need to be notified two days in advance.
Please note: You must arrive 30 minutes prior to the service that you have chosen.



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