Adventure activities in El Pesebre, Jaca Excursions à Pyrénées - Aragon
Adventure activities in El Pesebre, Jaca: Tighten your bond with nature with this relaxing and beautiful opportunity to explore the Pyrenees while riding on the back of a horse. Horses are indeed beautiful creatures with which humans have developed a tight and intimate relationship over the centuries. The tours offered at Caballos de Castiello (“Horses of Castiello”) are the perfect opportunity for you to escape from the hustle and the bustle of big cities and lose yourself in the enveloping splendour of nature.
Castiello is a small and quaint town located a mere five minutes as the crow flies from the picturesque location of Jaca in the breath-taking Aragon Valley. Leave all your stress and your worries behind as you delve into this quiet paradise and even more so when you trot off into the wild on your splendid horse.
These tours are ideal both for professional and absolute beginners alike, for if needed, before starting you can receive a brief but comprehensive breakdown of tips and tricks on how to properly ride a horse in order to make your trip all the more enjoyable. Along the way you will be at all times accompanied by our charming and knowledgeable guides who most of the time you won’t even have to worry about; their main concern is that you relax, feel safe and confident and ultimately have the time of your life. The facilities also offer a variety of other activities, making it the perfect destination to spend a day with friends and family, learning, having fun or resting.
Meeting/ Pick up point: N-330 in the way to France.
Start or opening time: At 10am.
End or closing time: At 8pm.
Languages: English and Spanish.



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