La Borda Restaurant with Chairlift Roundtrip Excursions à Andorre
La Borda Restaurant with Chairlift Roundtrip: Where can you enjoy a superb dinner on Friday or Saturday? The Restaurant La Borda Restaurant La Coma, at 2,220 meters, delights us with two very appetizing menus.
TRISTAINA MENU consists of: Hot wine Starter of shared: toasted bread with tomato and cold cuts Andorra, warm salad of goats’ cheese with red fruit vinegar, tartiflette (cheese with potatoes, onions and cubes bacon). Starters: Soup onion gratin. Main Course: fondue Bourguignonne meat: chicken, pork and beef accompanied by three sauces. Dessert: chocolate fondue and fruit. Water, wine and Shots included.
CATAPER IS MENU which comprises: Hot wine. Shared starter: warm mushroom salad with raspberry vinaigrette and pistachios, Iberian ham, tomato bread, our foie gras with figs mis-cuit. Starters: onion soup au gratin Main Course: different cheese fondue. Dessert: chocolate fondue and fruit. Water, wine and shots included
Enjoy this delicious food in breath-taking surroundings!
Not only is dinner exceptional but you can also enjoy a means of transport to the restaurant as much original, unique and exclusive.
Start/opening time: At 8:30pm.
End/closing time: At 00:30am.
strong>Others: Included: sleigh transport departure from parking n. 11 (Ski Ordino Arcalis) and return from La Borda Restaurant.
Possibility to upload to the restaurant with the means of transport Gicafer (snow-grooming machines with cabin) for an extra charge per person (direct payment at the station).
Agustina Park is only available for children from 1 to 12 years old.



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Gastronomy, wine and nightlife

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