Caldea Likids and Caldea Excursions à Andorre
Caldea Likids and Caldea: Caldea novelty, Likids, is the only exclusive thermal spa for children 3 to 8 years. A unique experience designed exclusively for children. Children can now enjoy an experience LIKIDS initiation welfare accompanied by a large team of monitors.
The thermal spa features: lagoon, space beauty, supervised activities area, relaxation area and play. The new children's area has dimensions adapted within Caldea, an exclusive area of 400m2 this will allow only access to children 3 to 8 years. The space is exclusively for children, unaccompanied by parents, an important difference in the use of Caldea facilities where children from 5 years must always be accompanied by an adult. The Likids entry includes access to the new children's spa for 3 hours, bathrobe, towel and complementary activities (beauty experience, basic yoga, relaxation guided-tales, and shows). The facility is fully adapted to the needs of children, which will be under the supervision of qualified instructors. These will identified with a bracelet that will be provided at the reception of Caldea. Children 3-4 years can only access Caldea Likids. From 5 years and will have access to the whole center.
An experience of initiation into the world of children welfare and a formula for parents’ evasion. And while the little ones discover a new experience adults have at their disposal the largest spa center in Europe. Surrounded by a unique and spectacular setting, you see how the routine vanishes. Experience all the benefits you offer hot springs. In Chaldean start your journey to a world of sensations. Caldea consists of: indoor and outdoor lagoon outdoor Jacuzzi Indo-Roman baths, Icelandic bath, aquamasaje space, sirocco bath, saunas, hammam and rest areas.
Meeting/pick-up point: Centro Termolúdico Caldea.
Duration: 3 hours.
Start/opening time: Likids at 9am. Caldea at 10am.
End/closing time: Likids at 11pm. Caldea at 10pm (midnight on Saturdays and on August).
Opening days/period: Likids - next opening on August 1st. From 1/08 to 11/09: daily. On September, October, November, and beside the Spanish bridges (8-12/10 and 28/10-1/11): only weekends.
Min. Weight: 95cm.
Required documentation: Mandatory presentation of the family book, identity card or passport is required to prove the age of the children.
Others: Adult admission includes free use for 3 hours of all facilities, except massages.
For reasons of hygiene, people with external wounds or any bandaged part of the body and/or plaster will not be accepted.
It is forbidden to run, jump or dive into the water around the site.
Please remain silent.
Admissions: 1 adult for every 2 children. Adults accompanying the child are required to access Caldea during the stay of children in child spa, so it should be locatable and keep your operating mobile within the facility (a special cover will be delivered).
Junior admission: 9 to 12 years. Child admission: 5 to 8 years. Baby admission: 3 to 4 years.



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