Dinner cruise Excursions à Amsterdam et aux alentours
Dinner cruise: Would you like an evening of luxurious dining at a high culinary level, while cruising through the canals and docks of Amsterdam? Experience an unforgettable evening during an exclusive 4-course dinner.
A cruise of 2 hours will take you to the most beautiful, most atmospheric and enchantingly illuminated places in Amsterdam. Commentary provided Includes: Beverages * 4 course Dinner.
Summer Menu Dinner Cruise:
Glass of Prosecco and crudités of vegetables with olive mayonnaise.
Meat: Roast veal with tomato salsa, herb salad and fried capers. Served with focaccia bread.
Fish: Home-smoked salmon with green herb dressing and roast potato salad.
Served with a home-baked maize roll.
Vegetarian: Mixed grilled vegetables with herb dip, includes kohlrabi, aubergine, carrot, turnip & courgettes. Served with a cup of Gazpacho.
Pepper soup with herb cream served with a sea salt and poppy seed breadstick.
Main course.
Meat Brisket of Black Angus beef with string beans, roasted potatoes Rosevale and candied tomatoes with a balsamic gravy
Fish Slow cooked halibut topped with butter sauce. Served with fresh pasta and spaghetti vegetables Vegetarian
Lasagne with freshly roasted vegetables, topped with Parmesan cheese and served with a green salad.
Dessert Airy bavarois of Champagne with red fruit compote and baked tuille
Coffee, tea with friandises
The Summer Dinner Cruise package includes drinks from the Dutch bar (beer, wine and soft-drinks).
Duration: 2 hours.
Languages: English.



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