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Home Cooked Amsterdam: The Dutch don't talk much about their food, unless it’s about pancakes! Pannekoeken are a traditional Dutch treat — sometimes sweet, sometimes savoury, but always delicious! Enjoy this two-hour pancake lunch with our local chef after shopping for ingredients at our favourite neighbourhood shops! The Dutch base their meals on what they call “the trinity”: two veggies and a meat (oh, and don’t forget the Raypenaer cheese, please!), and our chef will teach you about these traditions in Dutch cuisine, as you enjoy a classic meal of pannekoeken.
Full Itinerary:
· This tour is a part of the Urban Adventures Home Cooked series and aims to give you one of the richest travelling experiences you can ever have — the opportunity to enjoy a meal in a local home.
The aim is for you to experience life exactly how it is. This experience will be no different than a local having dinner with any of their friends or relatives. It is the chance to hang out in the kitchen (customs and space willing) and chat about your life and theirs, the affairs of the day that are impacting and bringing joy into their home, and to feel for a few hours just how the locals really live.
You will be met at the meeting point by your host, at which point they will take you shopping in their neighbourhood before going to their home to cook and eat.
On arrival, if you want to help out chopping up some of the produce or you are particularly interested in the recipe behind this local meal, we invite you to participate as much or as little as you like. David will be happy to show you the ropes! Just follow his lead.
When the food is ready you will all sit down together and share the meal prepared, enjoy the conversation, perhaps look at each other’s photographs and maybe take some more together.
This experience is real. Our hosts come from all walks of life. Some are probably very similar to you and some are from poor or rural backgrounds. We encourage you to check out the photos here to make sure your expectations are correctly set about who you will be sharing a meal with and where they live. The beauty is that everyone involved in our Home Cooked Series is a wonderful person who wants to meet travellers and share this experience with them.
Meeting/pick-up point: Amstel 264, 1017AM Amsterdam. Next to the "Skinny Bridge".
Duration: Between 2.5 hours and 3 hours.
Start/opening time: At 12pm.
Drop-off location: Amstel 264, 1017AM Amsterdam. Next to the "Skinny Bridge".
Others: Some hosts might provide tea or soft drink or even alcohol with meals as per the local custom. It should not be expected and does not form part of the base Home Cooked experience. We recommend you bring drinking water with you for the duration of this experience. If you elect to catch a taxi back to your accommodation after the experience this is at your own expense. If you have your voucher, your booking is confirmed. We'll see you at the start point. We strongly suggest you contact Amsterdam Urban Adventures when you arrive to find out your host’s name and address, in case of emergencies. Get in touch if you have any concerns or require more information via the email address or phone number (business hours only) on your voucher.



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