Visit the emperor's tombs and Ram Bagh Garden Excursions à Agra
Visit the emperor's tombs and Ram Bagh Garden: Start the tour by visiting Itmad-ud-daulah also known as Baby Taj. This exquisite marble tomb was made by Emperor Jahangir's queen, Nurjahan, in the memory of her father Mirza Ghias Beg during 1622-1628 A. D. Built entirely in white marble and inlaid with semi-precious stones, this mausoleum exhibits a strong Persian influence. Continue to Chini ka Rauza - the tomb of Afzal Khan, a famous scholar and poet who later became the prime minister of the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan.
End your tour with a visit to Aram Bagh which is now known as Ram Bagh. This Garden was originally founded by Babur, the Founder of the Mughal Dynasty in India. He laid it out, in 1526, on the persian Terraced and Char Bagh (Four Quartered) Plan. This garden was made in three descending terraces and the water was drawn from the river Yamuna by a series of water-wheels and it flowed into a network of canals, cascades and tanks descending from one terrace to the other. Each cascade has stairs on both sides and ends in a pond, all built of red stone.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at hotel city center.
Duration: Four hours.
Languages: English.



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