Coloured Canyon - Neweiba - Dahab Excursiones en Sharm el Sheikh -Dahab
Coloured Canyon - Neweiba - Dahab: The Colored Canyon, near Nuweiba, is the most colorful and intriguing rock formations in all Sinai. In some places the deep coloration of rocks gives the canyon walls a prismatic and metallic sheen; in others, the stone is so smooth that it appears soft. This is ideal place for hiking: as one ventures into the canyon, the walls narrow in width to just a few feet in some places, giving the channel a close and secretive atmosphere.
Not far is located the small town of Dahab, where you can see the incredible spectacle of Sinai mountains dropping right into the sea. When we get there we will stop and have lunch in a typical seafront restaurant, before shopping through the narrow streets and rich bazaars.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at the selected Sharm el Sheikh hotels.
Duration: Full day.
Start/opening time: Every day at 7am.
-End/closing time: Every day at 5pm.
Languages: English.



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