Santorini flavours Cooking Class Excursiones en Santorini
Santorini flavours Cooking Class: Come with us to a local farm, explore the secrets of the Santorinian agriculture and tantalize your taste buds with local treats.
We will help you gain insights about the typical agriculture of Santorini and introduce you to its very own products: what's different and why? Next, you will learn how to combine the freshest ingredients to prepare local specialties, and taste the "Meze" meal with a glass of Santorinian wine, while relaxing and enjoying the beautiful view in a local tavern.
Start your Flavours Tour with a pick up from any place you choose, and enjoy the Santorini view on our short drive to the local farm. Not many farm products grow on the island of Santorini. The ones that do, grow with the help of the Mediterranean climate and the volcanic soil of excellent quality. We would love to introduce you to the unique Santorini tomatoes, small like cherry tomatoes, with thick skin, of exquisite taste. These tomatoes produce the famous Santorini tomato paste or sun dried tomatoes, but you can also try them fresh, in juice or as a sweet.
The Fava Beans are the most traditional product of the island: the yellow peas grow exclusively here and has been growing on the island for more than 3.500 years. The reason for that is probably the volcanic soil. Fava is a dish the locals usually serve with sea food. Santorini also grows its own cucumbers, called Katsounia, (which are) white eggplants that are very sweet, only with a few seeds, and zucchinis that are round like tennis balls. You can, also, find wild growing fig trees everywhere on the island, as well as capers, which are used in the famous Santorinian salad. Santorini is one of the few places in Greece which is not famous for its olive oil, because the strong winds and the lack of water on the island are the biggest enemies of growing olive trees. Instead we have a lot of pistachio groves.
From the fields into the kitchen. Meet your cooking teacher and get ready to help with the preparation of some local delicacies, such as Santorinian Salad - a salad with cherry tomatoes, chloro cheese, the santorini cucumber 'Katsouni' and capers, Tomato balls - made of Santorini tomatoes, onions, dill and flour, and Fava Cream - a dip made of dried Santorini Fava beans.
Meeting/pick-up point: Client’s hotel.
Duration: 4 hours.
Languages: English.
Inclusions: A bottle of water and the delicious meal are included. Menu includes: Tzatziki, Tomato fritters, Santorini Salad, Fava, table water and table wine. The main course will be either pastitsio or moussaka (vegetarian menu also available).
Others: Children up to 10 years participate for free.



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