Valentine's Day Offer: Wine Tasting and Picnic at Vineyard Excursiones en Mallorca
Valentine's Day Offer: Wine Tasting and Picnic at Vineyard: Guests are welcomed in front of the winery and either start their tasting (pre-arranged from one of the 5 options of on offer, ) or head straight to the picturesque vineyard setting for their luncheon. A beautifully presented pic-nic basket is prepared and after a walk of some 50m into the vineyards guests arrive at their destination where tables and benches have been prepared. The pic-nic is enjoyed whilst taking in the stunning views of the valley, a very romantic way to spend a time with your love!
Start/opening time: At 10am.
End/closing time: At 6pm.
Opening days/period: From Monday to Friday.
Others: If you select the Valentine’s Day Offer with picnic, it will include: a bottle of wine, water, baguette, Serrano Ham, cheese, olives, olive oil, chorizo a small bottle of sparkling wine and a flower.



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