Private Murder and Mysteries at Court de Versailles Excursiones en París
Private Murder and Mysteries at Court de Versailles: This is no ordinary visit to the Château of Versailles. There is murder in the air!
If the magnificent thick walls of the château could speak, they would tell of many a dark and daring tale. . . . . whispers of murder most foul, of poisoned wine chalices, of scandals and intrigue. We invite you to join us to discover those strange stories lying buried in the walls and to share the secrets hidden within the château. What plots were being hatched under the ornate ceilings? What damning gossip was being whispered behind the heavy silk brocade curtains? The bored courtiers were jealous of each other's positions and the pampered and powdered courtesans spread stories to bring down their rivals. Conspiracy. Intrigue. Spite.
Your charming guide will invite you into the heart of the royal court and let you relive the lives of those who were always careful to watch their backs and avoid making enemies. You'll hear the tale of the Great Poisoning, the Necklace Affair and plenty of other hair-raising stories. You'll discover which part of the château was built over a cemetery and where the ghost of Marie-Antoinette is said to walk at night.
After your visit, your guide will leave you and you are free to wander in the gardens, enjoy the Fountain show or the Musical garden show when running. You can take your time and head back to Paris at your convenience using the return train ticket whenever you are ready. The tour is from 10:30am to 02:30pm, including round-trip transportation time and a 2-hour-guided-tour within the Chateau.
Meeting/pick-up point: Place St Michel, in front of the café "Le Départ", 1 Place Saint-Michel, 75005 Paris - Nearest metro/RER station: Saint-Michel, exit Quai Saint Michel .
Duration: 2 hours.
Start/opening time: 2.30pm.
-End/closing time: 4.30pm.
Languages: English and French.
Others: Please arrive at the meeting point 15 minutes before the start time.



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