Medieval Walking Tour of Paris Excursiones en París
Medieval Walking Tour of Paris: Journey through time into the heart of a Paris still hidden in mystery and secrecy.
* Discover a darker side to the City of Light
* Visit places that evoke chilling stories
* A guide on hand to bring the stories to life
Learn of the legends, mysteries and fables that haunt the City of Light. Your guide will shed light on the truth, revealing a Paris that will surprise and might even scare you.
Starting at Place Maubert we follow in the footsteps of Magician Maitre Albert de Cologne, hearing his story that has been buried deep in the crypts of history. Behold the Notre-Dame Cathedral, surrounded by fables and mysteries, and pass by a narrow street where a scary story of medieval blood and ink will chill your blood to this day. Facing Saint-Jacques Tower, you will understand how reality beats fiction, and in the heart of Rue de la Ferronnerie hear about how The Green Galant (“le vert gallant”) died.
Learn about a continuous frieze of macabre art at the Holy Innocents’ Cemetery, and as the tour comes to and end at the astrological and astronomical tower of the Black Queen, discover how Catherine de Medici practiced black magic here. Some say that on a dark and stormy night, her ghost still appears to haunt the tower…
Meeting/pick-up point: Métro station Place Maubert.
Duration: 1.5 hours.
Languages: French.



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Half-day afternoon