West Coast Excursiones en Mauricio Islas
West Coast: The first stop of this tour is the Casela World of Adventures park. This 14 hectares park of lush green which is now home to a big variety of fauna and flora. Some 1,500 birds, a selection of wildcats, zebras, giant tortoises, long-tailed monkeys, among other species, can be watched on site. The park is a kaleidoscope of textures and colours, with its endemic dry forest section gently reminding us of the necessity to protect and preserve.
The Black Ebony tree takes centre-stage there!After a walk through the aviary, go on a Safari photo of approximately 45 minutes followed by Big Cats and Giraffe viewing. Leave Casela for the village of Chamarel in southwest Mauritius, home to the natural wonders - the magnificent Chamarel waterfall and the Seven-colored Earths. The Seven-colored Earths are considered as one of the must see places. Unique Colored Earths with their rainbow set of colors evolved from the conversion of basaltic lava to clay minerals.
This relatively small area of sand dunes is made of sand of seven distinct colors (approximately red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow) and is beautifully carved, creating an effect of earthen meringue. “A small hill surrounded by thick bush, as if composed of frozen colored waves – blue, pink or lilac. Suddenly the wind mixes the waves into a rainbow chaos, but then it all comes down and an invisible hand puts every colored grain back in its place. And here are the waves again in their natural order – blue, pink or lilac. We don't know whose magic hand rules this wonder. But it is persistent.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at the hotel.
Duration: 8 hours.
Start/opening time: Daily at 9am.
-End/closing time: At 5pm.
Others: Including driver guide



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