Saint Petersburg: Multifarious Cultural Centre Excursiones en San Petersburgo
Saint Petersburg: Multifarious Cultural Centre: Saint Petersburg is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the most important city in Russia from a cultural point of view. Also called “the Northern Capital” or “the Venice of the North” because of all the canals that surround it.
Considering the fact that this city practically did not suffer any damages during the Stalinist reconstruction, it is possible to see many palaces and monuments in the very city center. Full of architecture, history and spectacular bridges, a tour around Saint Petersburg’s city center will be an unforgettable experience.
This walking tour will uncover all the diversity of St. Petersburg. Excursion with your private guide begins with a visit to the Tavrichesky Garden, where you will learn what it looked like in the times of Catherine II and Alexander I. Further your path will take you to the tower of Vyacheslav Ivanov, known as the meeting place of poets. Not far from the tower you will find an interesting temple of Old Believer community in the neo-Russian style of the modern era. Moreover you will have a chance to visit splendid Smolny Cathedral and after turn to Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge, one of the most beautiful bridges in Saint Petersburg, slightly resembling the bridge of Tower of London.
We will make sure you know all the history behind all of these beautiful places and monuments and also that you have a fabulous time walking around this almost 300 year old city, and you will also understand why it is known as the cultural centre of Russia.
Meeting/pick-up point: Outside the Chernyshevskaya metro station.
Duration: 3 hours.



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