Day Trip to Formentera Excursiones en Ibiza
Day Trip to Formentera: A Ferry Round Trip´s day where People can visit and enjoy nice places like Formentera. With our moderns and comfortable Fast Ferries/Ferry you will enjoy our neighboring island paradise. Formentera the island of of windmills. The origins of the place name Formentera are linked to wheat: "frumentum" in latin. That is the theory accepted by the experts as being the most likely, on the assumption that the world evolved into "Forment" before becoming Formentera.
Start/opening time:
Departures Ibiza - Formentera (valid until October 2017)
9.30am -10am (Fast Ferry)
10am - 10.30am (Fast Ferry)
10.30am - 11am (Fast Ferry)
11am - 11.30am (Fast Ferry)
11.30am - 12.30pm (Ferry)
12.30pm - 1pm (Fast Ferry)
Departure Formentera - Ibiza (valid until Cctober 2017)
2pm - 2.30pm (Fast Ferry)
3pm - 3.30pm (Fast Ferry)
4.30pm - 5pm (Fast Ferry)
Voucher Validity: Same day use with the return ticket.



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