Aventura gastronómica en Hoi An Excursiones en Hoi An - Danang - Central
Aventura gastronómica en Hoi An: Discover the Old Town of Hoi An after the sun has gone down – not only is it the best way to escape the midday heat, it’s also the perfect excuse to dig in to its tasty street food scene!
Our Hoi An food tour starts around sunset, and will walk you through local cafes, food stalls, markets, and restaurants, giving you a filling food adventure for the memory books. First up – a local bakery that has been making the tastiest banh mi in town for over twenty years. They use the freshest local ingredients and are famous for their banh mi, a scrumptious sandwich that will fire up your taste buds and get them ready for the flavours ahead!From one local fave to another, next we’ll join locals at a small eatery, taking a seat on the ubiquitous small plastic chairs and sampling hot and crunchy banh can crackers. Tasty BBQ pork rolled with rice paper and fresh herbs. Served with typical soya dipping sauce, this dish is one of the highlights of the local food scene and an absolute must-devour.
Our food tour of Hoi An continues into the atmospheric heart of the city as we head straight for the central market. What awaits us there are hundreds of street hawkers and food stalls selling a staggering array of local produce, including fresh noodles, sweet jelly, seasonal fruits, and live seafood. Your knowledgeable local guide will walk you through the colourful array of ingredients, filling you in on the most popular dishes in Hoi An and the significance of these foods to the traditional culture of central Vietnam. From here, we’ll dig even deeper into the local food scene, passing through a maze of tiny alleys to emerge at one of our fave (secret) restaurants in Hoi An, where we’ll sample two of Hoi An’s specialties: deep fried wonton and white rose dumplings.
Believe it or not, there’s more food to come, so we’ll take a little break to visit a thousand-year-old well that supplies locals with clean, plentiful water all year round. It’s considered by locals to be the best water with which to make cao lau, a noodle dish that originated in Hoi An. But enough of that – time for more food! Our Hoi An food tour continues at a vegetarian restaurant, where a buffet of fresh food awaits. Be sure to save space, though, as we still have mussel salad waiting for us at another local spot, followed by a real treat: it cake for dessert in a local’s home.
Believe it or not, there’s more food to come! Our Hoi An food tour continues to a street vendor where a plate of chicken rice awaits. Be sure to save space, though, as we still have yet another treat in store: it cake for dessert in a local’s home. Sweet, non?! We’ll finish our Hoi An food adventure at a local café near the iconic Japanese covered bridge, which is the perfect spot to conclude our culinary escapades. Top off the tour with a Vietnamese coffee or beer, take in the gentle pace of our beloved Hoi An, and reflect on your fave dishes of the evening (if you can pick!).
Points of interest:
Eat your way through Hoi An, local style
Discover hidden local food spots off the tourist trail
Venture into the Old Town’s maze of alleys and bustling markets in search of tasty treats
Explore Hoi An’s unique food culture through its best dishes
Enjoy the spectacular night view of the Japanese covered bridge while enjoying a local drink at a riverfront cafe
Meeting/pick-up point: Hoian Office, 328 Nguyen Duy Hieu street, Hoian
Duration: 2.5 hours.
Start/opening time: At 5pm.
Closing/ End time: At 7:30pm.
Drop-off location: Local Café – Japanese Covered Bridge, Old Town.
Languages: English.
Min. Age: 6 years.
Others: Hoi An Ancient Town Ticket: according to Hoi An Centre for Cultural Heritage Management and Preservation, visitors are required to purchase an entrance ticket for Hoi An’s Old Quarter. You will need to have this entrance ticket before joining the tour, and we request that you bring it on the Hoi an Food Adventure Tour in case local authorities check.
Please inform your local guide about any food allergies you may have. Vegetarians can be catered for.



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