Excursión a Trekroner Excursiones en Copenhague
Excursión a Trekroner: The Trekroner Fortress is a small island situated at the entry to Copenhagen's harbour. When you are at the island you can enjoy the beautiful sky and water and enjoy the view. 300 years ago the island was a fortress whose task was to defend Copenhagen at any cost with its 24 cannons. Today it is a popular excursion spot, but it holds secrets, history, nature and culture - maybe this is also due to the fact that it is only accessible from the sea.
Trekroner is protected and it is an oasis in Copenhagen giving you an extra experience during your stay in Copenhagen. Join our tour and see the nature, architecture and the fantastic view over Copenhagen and the city's characteristic spires. The island has a great café and your ticket includes a cup of coffee or an ice cream.
Duration: 1 hour.
Languages: Live guided in Danish and English.
Others: Frequency variates during the season.