Rio Bec Tour Excursiones en Campeche
Rio Bec Tour: A trip to discover Mayan temples rather than visit them, to look into the eyes of eternity. The Río Bec architectonic style was named after the Mayan word Bec meaning oak and Río the Spanish word for river. It is one of the least explored and most enigmatic Mayan regions. Three Mayan cities lost in the lush jungle:
Xpujil and the beautiful Temple of the three towers. Becan, the fortified. Chicanná, Itzamná´s house. Fabulous sites showing architectural grandeur and revealing the mysteries of splendor and fall of the Mayan civilization.
Visit to Chicanná an archaeological site. It is a small but very interesting archaeological site with one of the best preserved buildings of this área. Its main temple represents the face of a huge jaguar, symbol of the night, sacrifice and the power of ancient Mayan kings.
Arrival to Becán an archaeological site. Becan is a very large with many buildings in magnificent condition Mayan city. It was the great capital of this region and was protected by a moat. Despite being little known it is a Mayan site that should not be missed.
Visit to Xpujil archaeological site to see the impressive Temple of the three towers, a unique example of Mayan Rio Bec architecture.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick-up at the hotel.
Duration: Approximately 15 hours.
Start/opening time: At 7am.
End/closing time: At 9pm.
Languages: Spanish and English.
Opening days/period: Daily.
Others: We recommend comfortable clothing and shoes, cap or hat, sunscreen, bug spray.



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