Diavlos Restaurant Excursiones en Atenas
Diavlos Restaurant: "Diavlos" restaurant is located at the ancient road of Adrianou Street in the heart of Athens next to the metro station of Thisio Square and next to Acropolis and the Temple of Hephaestus. The atmosphere is friendly, the tastes are unique, the recipes are all Mediterranean cooked by Greek chefs only with fresh ingredients from all over Greece based on the highest quality and standards.
Our hospitality makes Diavlos restaurant the most tasty and pleasant break after a long and exhausting day. The surrounding area is unique, full of the Greek tradition spreaded all over the small narrow streets unfolding the history of the ancient Greece. The Acropolis, the Monastiraki square with its famous bazaar, known as Giousouroum, the Plaka square, the ancient Agora with the small antique stores, the ancient monuments, the small Christian churches, a "mosque” church, a Hammam and the first University of Greece are all combined to make you understand the greatness of Ancient Greece and feel the warmth of the traditional modern Greece.
The word Diavlos in mythology represents the name of the first man that step foot on earth. In music is an ancient Greek inflated musical instrument. In modern Greek language is the noun that states the meeting point. Menu 1:
Salad: Greek Salad
Appetizer: zatziki
Main dish: Moussaka OR Gemista (stuffed tomatoes and peppers with rice & fresh herbs)
Dessert: Traditional fruit dessert with syrup sugar
Menu 2:
Salad: Cretan ntakos
Appetizer: Spicy feta cheese cream
Main Dish: Soutzoukakia (traditional meatballs w/ tomato & cumin, served w/ rice or fried potatoes)
Dessert: Ravani
Menu 3:
Salad: Green salad (green lola, red lola, rocket, parmesan and balsamic vinegar)
Appetizer: Zucchini balls
Main dish: Soft pieces of pork (w/ lemon sause, served w/ rice or potatoes)
Dessert: Karydopitta
Menu 4: Salad: Green salad (rocket, green lola, red lola, parmesan and balsamic vinegar)
Appetizer: and bougiourdi (feta cheese with tomato, peppers, paprika and spices)
Main dish: Beef giouvetsi (with tomato sauce & barley in the oven)
Dessert: Baklavas
Menu 5: Salad: Traditional chicken salad
Appetizer: Spicy feta cheese cream and deep fried sliced zucchini
Main Dish: Kleftiko (lamb wrapped in Ladokolla paper with tomato sauce, feta cheese, fresh herbs and potatoes baked in the oven)
Dessert: Chocolate pie
Menu 6: Salad: Greek Salad
Appetizer: Baked potato with sour cream, parmesan and bacon and dolmades (stuffed vine leaves with rice, fresh herbs and lemon sauce, served with yogurt sauce and spicy feta cheese cream and baildi (eggplants with tomato sauce, onion, garlic, parsley, fresh herbs baked in the oven).
Main dish: Pork shank with rosemary and honey, potatoes baked in the oven OR lamb leg with lemon and mustard sauce, fresh herbs and potatoes baked in the oven.
Dessert: Kataifi.
Start/opening time: At 8am.
End/closing time: 12am.
Opening days/period: All year round.
Others: Live music every day from 7pm in the afternoon. The facilities are modern and certified and there are no stairs so it becomes the ideal restaurant also for people with walking difficulties.



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