8 Days / 7 Nights Eco Tourism Tour from Ankara Excursiones en Ankara
8 Days / 7 Nights Eco Tourism Tour from Ankara: Ankara - Amasya - Turhal - Zile - Cakircali Village - Hattusa - Ankara
Turkey is rich in natural beauty and outside the major cities you will get to visit a way of life that is as traditional as Turkey could be. On this tour you will visit natural villages and there are great opportunities to get involved with the villagers and their way of life; you get to sample many of the locally grown natural fruits, nuts and berries as well as eat and drink just like a local.
Day 1 - Ankara to Amasya
(Dinner included)
Pick up from Ankara Airport and depart for Amasya. This city has a rich heritage of civilisations and remnants from these eras still remain such as the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, Ilhanli and the Ottoman civilizations, as well as many important remains belonging to the first years of the Republic of Turkey. Amasya is endowed with historical and cultural opulence, and the city is also very rich in natural beauty. The thermal springs around Amasya are very famous. Amasya Yaliboyu Houses are the best remaining of Ottoman architecture. These buildings usually have two storeys and they are now being restored. Amasya is also famous for its apples, cherries, peaches and okra. Overnight in Amasya.
Day 2 - Amasya - Turhal - Zile
(Breakfast and dinner included)
After breakfast, you will depart from Amasya to Turhal and Zile. In the 3rd century B. C. , the region was occupied by the contingents of Alexander the Great's Macedonian army, but many insurrections had also taken place in this era as the Macedonian occupiers couldn't build up a total control of the region. Today we will visit a local orchard; depending on the season we will see cherry, apples, grapes and pears. This area is extremely famous for its fruit and you will get the opportunity to taste some of the delicious produce. All fruit grown here is organic and you will certainly taste the difference! In the evening we will arrive at Cakir Cali Koyu where we will have diner with the local people in the village houses. Overnight in Cakir Cali.
Day 3 - Cakircali Village
(Breakfast and dinner included)
Free day in theVillage. Cakircali village used to have 80 houses but now there are only 25 left due to the population migrating to big cities. Sitting between high mountains, the village is surrounded by fields, forests, canyons and natural beauty. Experience the hospitableness of the people who live here; maybe be lucky enough to see a traditional village wedding ceremony. These ceremonies last a good few days, with many foods and drinks served and local music played. We will have dinner at a traditional one-storey house typical of the varea. Overnight in Cakir Cali.
Day 4 - Cakircali Village - Visiting Farm People
(Breakfast and dinner included)
Today is the day to see field villagers work on vegetable gardens, fruit fields and places where cereal foods are produced. You can join the villagers and collect some fruits in the garden. This activity uses horses, donkeys and tractors as vehicles. You will also get to explore a village farm giving you the chance to see how it works. In the evening we can listen to the farmers singing songs and perhaps join in with them and do some Anatolian folk dancing. Overnight in Cakir Cali.
Day 5 - Cakircali Village - Walking over the Mountains
(Breakfast and dinner included)
Today we explore the surrrounding countryside. We walk on little-used pathways and stop to enjoy a picnic lunch while chatting with the shepherds and enjoying the scenery. During your time in the forest you will see various nuts growing which you can pick and try for yourselves; they are very tasty having grown in their natural surrondings. This beautiful forest will make you feel alive and you can see many kinds of harmless animals, especially in the summer. Overnight in Cakir Cali.
Day 6 - Cakircali Village - Walking Village to Village
(Breakfast and dinner included)
After you have had an excellent, traditional village breakfast we will walk to some nearby villages where the clothes the villagers wear are of traditional design. Lunch will be taken in one of these villages and you will have the chance to experience the generous hospitality of the people who offer whatever they have, whether that be home made wine or raki or different types of foods and breads for you to try. Overnight in Cakir Cali Koyu.
Day 7 - Cakircali Village - Hattusa
(Breakfast and dinner included)
This morning we depart from the village and head for Hattusa. Hattusas(Hattusa) was the capital of the Hitite kingdom. The Hitites were Indo-German, semi-European people who arrived via the Black Sea to north Anatolia at the beginning of the 18 th century BC and mixed with the local people. We visit Yazilikaya which is the ruin of an open-air temple belonging to the Hitites where there are rock carvings of the Hitite God and Goddess. We then go to Hattusas and see the remains of the big temple and city ruins. This is followed with a visit to the summer palace of the Hitites before driving to Alacahoyuk which was the first capital of the Hitites and Hatti civilisation. Overnight in Hattusa.
Day 8 - Hattusa to Ankara Airport - End of Tour
(Breakfast included)
After breakfast we depart for Ankara airport for your onward flight. The tour ends at Ankara Airport.
Meeting/pick-up point: Ankara airport.
Duration: 8 days/7 nights.
Start/opening time: Days where there are tours start at approx. 09:00 and finish approx. 17:00. Clients are met at the airport on the first day and dropped off at the airport on the last day – times are according to client’s flight times.
Languages: Private tour Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese.
Shared tour Language: English.
• Arrival airport transfer from Ankara Airport
• Accommodation at village houses and boutique hotels in each area
• 1 night in a 3 star hotel in Amasya
• 1 night in a 3 star hotel in Hattusa
• 5 nights in Cakircali Koyu at traditional village house
• Guided tours as per itinerary
• All entrance fees mentioned in the itinerary
• Transportation in a fully air-conditioned, non-smoking coach
• Professional tour guides
• Return airport transfer to Ankara Airport



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