Body Worlds - The Happiness Project Excursions in Amsterdam and vicinity
Body Worlds - The Happiness Project: Find out how the emotional phenomenon of happiness influences our health at The Happiness Project, a new exhibition at Body Worlds, the weird and wonderful travelling museum that uses real bodies to find the answer to puzzling scientific questions. This fascinating new exhibition by Gunther von Hagens, featuring more than 200 anatomical specimens of real human bodies, shows us the complexity, resilience and vulnerability of the human body. Worldwide, the Body Worlds exhibitions of the human form have drawn more than 40 million visitors.
The Happiness Project is one in the world-famous series of exhibitions by Body Worlds, showing real, plastinated human bodies. Plastination, invented in 1977 by German anatomist Dr Gunther von Hagens, is a method in which the fluid contained in bodily tissues is replaced by reactive polymers (such as silicone rubber) using a special vacuum process. Plastination completely stops the decay and dehydration of human tissue. This patented method makes it possible to view the inside of the human body in a revolutionary new way.
Anyone with an interest in science, medicine, anatomy or psychology will find The Happiness Project an intriguing and enlightening way to spend the day. With in-depth and detailed examinations of the human form, the project attempts to shed light on that most elusive of human emotions, happiness, and is guaranteed to captivate visitors.
Duration: Approx. one-and-a-half hours to two hours.
Others: Pick up tickets at Damrak 26, 300 metres from Central Station. Last admission 1 hour before closing time.

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