Terra Mitica Excursions in Alicante - Costa Blanca
Terra Mitica: The park Terra Mitica is simply spectacular. Discover all that is hidden on the Mediterranean, thousands of years converted into moments of fun, emotion and adrenalin. Have you seen the faces of your children when you upload them to an attraction and you share those feelings? They are priceless, right? Listen to their laughter and forget everything else. Fun is not a matter of age but of desire. You know what is adrenaline? Needless makes you. The important thing is to know that here are so many attractions that you will run out of breath, so I take a breath. Do you accept the challenge Titánide an inverted coaster that reaches a speed of 100 kilometers per hour between vertical and horizontal spectacular spins 360 degrees, and dizzying descents from 31 meters high? Terra Mitica is a proposal for family holidays, children will feel like a fish in water, because we have attractions designed especially for them, even for children. In both up and down is up an appetite, we guarantee. Nothing, Let's Eat! You will know if you want a burger or steak, wine or a soft drink. No matter what you order, in restaurants and put there what you ask for your stomach. Come and enjoy an exciting day unabated.
Start or opening time: Doors open at 10.30am.
End or closing time: Doors close at either 8pm or midnight, staying open later in high season.
Languages: English, French, German and Spanish.
Others: Discounted Senior Ticket available for those aged 65 or over. The park may ask for proof of age.

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