El Ranchito Horse Show Excursions in Costa del Sol
El Ranchito Horse Show: Experience first-hand a genuine Andalusian horse show and see the most beguiling equestrian ballet imaginable. This spellbinding performance of the Rhythm on Horse show offers a rare insight into one of the least commercialised aspects of Spanish culture. The spectacle lasts about two hours and is ideal entertainment for the whole family. Watch in awe as the horses glide through the air and elegantly trot along the corral to the accompaniment of traditional Spanish music – a feast of the senses!
This being Spain, expect lots of colour, passion and emotion as the performers and horses put on an immaculately choreographed show that will linger long in the memory. There are seven segments, each touching on a different aspect of this ancient art form and ritual.
Admire the almost telepathic understanding between horse and rider during the Equestrian Magic segment. Behold the beauty of the Fantasy of Fairs, where men and women in traditional Andalusian outfits take their horses on gallops, performing crosses and circles. Watch the legendary Doma Vaquera (Cowboy Tame) where the pace, gallop, lateral steps, pivots, stops and starts of the horses will fascinate.
See difficult movements such as the piaffe, Spanish step, pesades, caprioles, courbettes and passage of the Long Reins segment. Admire the Amazon Dream, which many consider the most beautiful movement you can see on a horse. It is famed for its beauty, grace, control and balance of the woman on horseback. Observe the free flowing Country Exercises and the serenity and harmony of the High School Carousel.
Duration: One and-a-half hours.
Start/opening time: At 5.45pm.
Others: Family ticket : 2 adults + 2 children.

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Theatre, shows and musicals

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Half-day afternoon