Aqualand Torremolinos Excursions in Costa del Sol
Aqualand Torremolinos: The wet and wild world of Aqualand is packed with attractions of all heights and shapes, from white-knuckle rides to gentle slides.
This is a park where you can go from a thrilling adrenalin rush to the peaceful quiet of the lush landscaped gardens in a matter of moments.
At the largest waterpark on the Costa del Sol, you’ll be able to try exciting rides such as the Grand Canyon, the Black Hole or the Twister, and other more relaxing attractions, including a variety of Whirlpools, the Tropical Lagoon and the Niagara Falls Lake. There are more than 30 water slides, including the Kamikaze, the highest slide in Europe, for the more daring.
There are 3,000 square metres of swimming pools to keep the little ones entertained while you can just lie down in the sun and relax. Children’s Paradise is the best choice for the kids, with a special waterpark and amusement park all in the same pool.
To make it the perfect day out, you can enjoy a family meal in the picnic area… if you can get the rest of the family out of the water. At our latest attraction, you can will be able to meet our sea lions, getting up close to these amazing sea-mammals; you‘ll be spellbound by their beauty and amazed by their intelligence and dexterity. Go wet and wild in the water! Enjoy Aqualand!
Start or opening time: 11am.
End or closing time: 6pm.

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