Bioparc Fuengirola Excursions in Costa del Sol
Bioparc Fuengirola: There’s a surprise around every corner at Bioparc Fuengirola, a zoo where animals are housed in realistic recreations of their natural habitat, thus favouring their development at all levels. Wander through a world in which you will find Malaysian temples and African baobab trees, where you will see species you’ve never seen before as well as some you know of but have never seen in all their glory.
One of the latest attractions is a selection of tropical birds and mammals bringing visitors a little closer to the inhabitants of rainforests. Special landscaping for the exhibition includes a jungle clearing designed around two giant trees, a waterfall and a river, all surrounded by lush tropical vegetation.
You will be able to move freely around this stunning rainforest and watch the animals in the complete absence of intrusive objects and instruments.
Little ones will have their time of their lives at Bioparc. Not only will they have the opportunity of seeing their favourite animals in a magical setting but they will also find an area specially designed for children. Near one of our food areas we have designed a play area of more 500 square metres, where kids can play, have fun and let their imaginations run riot.
The zoo has two restaurant areas with large terraces, one located near the park entrance and the other near the orang-utan enclosure. During the summer, the zoo is open until midnight, offering a rare opportunity to observe animal life at night.
Start or opening time: 10am.
End or closing time: 6pm, July and August at 12am.

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