Tour on board the submarine Nautilus Excursions in San Andres
Tour on board the submarine Nautilus: Designated a Unesco Biosphere Reserve, the waters around San Andres Island are home to a hugely diverse marine life. Our specially designed boat semi submerges you into the water for the clearest views of the colourful fish and reefs through large glass windows not to be missed.
We begin the tour with a speed boat ride to reach our special boat, where before we begin the adventure you receive general recommendations to make the most of your experience. For the first part of the boat ride, we cruise along the surface to see pretty beaches with coconut palms, secret coves and cays that form the picturesque coastline of San Andres bay. The second part of the tour is when the adventure begins, when we submerge underwater for a truly magical and spectacular experience. Observe the marine life swimming in and around the coral reefs, admire the vibrantly coloured fishes and watch out for the manta rays that gently swim through the area. The hugely diverse marine life will keep you entertained throughout the ride and if you feel the need for a refreshing dip, you can stop for a swim at a place locally known as ‘the pyramid’. Here you can absorb the beautiful shades of the Sea of Seven Colours, where the speed boat stops for approximately 20 minutes for you to enjoy the crystal clear waters. After an hour and a half, you’ll have discovered this magical ocean from on the surface and under the surface, uncovering the marine life underneath.
Duration: One hour and a half.
Start/opening time: At 9am.



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Cruises and water sports

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Half-day morning