Lagomar Museum - Nazaret Excursions in Lanzarote
Lagomar Museum - Nazaret: Casa Lagomar is situated in a stunning location high up on a ridge of the Nazaret Volcano with breathtaking vistas down over the valley. This unique house forms an organic whole with the volcano. You will be able to see the volcanic rock and lava in many of the rooms. The house itself is surrounded by oriental style gardens. Lose yourself in the maze of tunnels, steep stairways, caverns and secret passages. Visit the open air museum with its fascinating collections of painting and sculpture.
This stunning building was originally designed by local artist Cesar Manrique in the 1970s for the well-known actor Omar Sharif. The legend goes that he lost the property in a game of bridge while filming on the island and never visited it again. The house has been used as a film set for films starring Peter Ustinov and Horst Franck. Now it houses an open air art gallery with interesting collections of paintings and sculpture as well as a top-class restaurant and a jazz club.
Start or opening time: From Tuesdays to Sundays. 10am.
End or closing time: 6pm.

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