Cesar Manrique's House and Museum in Haria Excursions in Lanzarote
Cesar Manrique's House and Museum in Haria: César Manrique’s House and Museum at HaríaIn a stroll through César Manrique’s House and Museum at Haría, in northern Lanzarote, the visitor catches a glimpse of the rooms where the painter lived and worked his last years.
Located in a handsome palm forest, his last home is wrapped in an intimate, cosy atmosphere. Two courtyards serve as an antechamber to a surprising world of personal belongings, utensils, crafter’s tools and a motley of minor treasures for which Manrique invented an aesthetic purpose. The home, set in a space characterised by elegant materials and good taste, is a reflection of all the finest features of a traditional island dwelling. The luxuriant outdoor and indoor plant life contributes to a calm and relaxing ambience.
In the workshop set off from the house, the visitor discovers the original scenario where Manrique worked, surrounded by pigment, drawings, easels and unfinished paintings, all conserved just as he left them the day he died.
The visit is a unique opportunity to obtain a close-up view of the human side of Lanzarote’s great artist in a truly singular world sited in the midst of the peaceful natural beauty of Haría Valley.
Start/opening time: Monday to Sunday from 10.30am to 6pm.
Others : Last visit 5.10pm, children up to 4 years go free, snack bar, shop and parking area. Closed January 1st.
Pack 2 entrances, Cesar Manrique Foundation info: Monday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm, last visit 5.30pm.


Venues to be visited
1 Casa Museo César Manrique en Haría Calle Elvira Sánchez 70, 35520 en Haría.;2 Fundación César Manrique en Tahíche Calle Jorge Luis Borges 10, 35507 Teguise.;

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