Sofia Excursions & Tours - Breakfast with Sofia
Sofia Excursions & Tours: Want to start your day as real Bulgarian? Look no further! Here’s your opportunity to eat breakfast with the fine city of Sofia and its welcoming citizens on a unique, local food tour of Sofia. Start your Sofia tour at one of Sofia’s icons – Alexander Nevski Cathedral. After a brief introduction, we’ll head over to a typical Bulgarian snack bar. Along the way, we’ll visit local symbols, including Hagia Sofia Church, a 6th century church and site full of energy and mystery. We’ll also catch Sofia University, Parliament, and the statue of King Libertador, all of which are the main icons of Bulgarian history in Sofia.
By this point, we know you’ll want breakfast – perfect, we do too! We’ll taste plenty of Sofia food - Bulgarian banitsa, combined with ayryan, as Bulgarians normally do in the morning. Banitsa is delicious small pastry prepared from dough and cheese and sometimes meat or nettle, and is unique to Bulgaria and the Balkans. The ayryan is prepared from yogurt and gives the final touch to the breakfast.
Satisfied with our local breakfast, we’ll continue on this Sofia walking tour along the narrow streets, which are part of Old Sofia and exude centuries of rich history. The streets leads us to Graf Ignatiev Street, home to a famous market where you may buy fresh fruits and vegetables, or taste baked nuts or delicious snacks, as local do. It is a market on the street with many stalls, which all compete for shoppers’ attention, so you’ll experience a real lively atmosphere! From there on this Sofia food tour, we’ll make our way to a famous pastry shop that prepares the best traditional Bulgarian desserts. Along the way, we’ll encounter the biggest open-air book store in Bulgaria, and a favourite meeting point for many locals.
In the pastry shop we will taste a sweet and delicious dessert - baklava. We may also have the chance to try tolumbichka, cream-cake, or other sweets. As is customary, we’ll combine the sweets with another unique beverage for the region - boza. Bottoms up!
Duration: Three hours.
Start/opening time: At 9am.
Languages: English.

Available until 29 October 2017
Sofia Excursions & Tours - Discover Koprivshtitsa and Plovdiv
Sofia Excursions & Tours: The tour has an intensive itinerary with an extended time for sightseeing. It’s an ideal way for people with limited time in Bulgaria to receive as much impressions as possible in just one day. Koprivshtitsa is a museum-city, boasting more than 300 well-preserved architectural, artistic, historical and ethnographical monuments from the Bulgarian Revival Period.
Our walking tour will be focused on the most representative house-museums, authentic crafts and ethnographic expositions. The afternoon will be dedicated to Plovdiv - one of the oldest towns in Europe and the second biggest in Bulgaria. We will walk on the narrow cobble streets to visit its iconic sights: the Roman Forum and Theater, Merchant houses from 19th century, the fortress of Nebet Tepe and St. Constantine and Helena Church. The trip ends with free time for shopping on the main pedestrian street.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up from hotels.
Start/opening time: On Sundays, at 8.15am approx. Tour offered from the 1st May to the 31st October.
End/closing time: At 6. pm approx.
Languages: English.
Others: The tour is not suitable for disabled people, pregnant women, babies and children younger than 5 years old. Entrance fees not included.

Available until 30 October 2017
Sofia Excursions & Tours - Loop Shuttle from Sofia to Rila Monastery and Boyana Church
Sofia Excursions & Tours: Visit two Unesco World Heritage Sites in one day with this loop shuttle from Sofia to Rila Monastery and Boyana Church. These holy sites hold a special place in the hearts of most Bulgarians and are symbols of national identity. You will also have the chance to taste some delicious local treats such as ¨mekitsi¨ and buffalo yoghurt.
Rila Monastery is famed for its arcaded balconies, delicate frescoes – the work of one of the most famous Bulgarian revival painters – the gilded iconostasis, the fabulous mountain views… the unique combination of them all makes for an extraordinary and memorable visit to the monastery. You have at least two hours of free time at Rila to explore the complex, enter the main church and take photos of the narthex gallery, admire the exhibits in the museum, try the tasty ¨mekitsi¨ (Bulgarian doughnuts) with delicious buffalo yoghurt (a local speciality) or even have a short walk in the area.
The Boyana Church’s frescoes are considered predecessors of the European Renaissance. The majority of more than 240 figures depicted are full of not just reverence for God but also of the individuality and vitality of mankind. You have half an hour of free time to explore the church at your own pace.
Meeting point: Aleksander Nevski Square, Sofia, Bulgaria . Behind Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and just in front of Mamma Mia Restaurant at 9am sharp. Return by about 5pm.
Languages: English- speaking driver.
Other information: Does not include entrance fees to the monastery museum and church. It is not feasible for wheelchair-confined persons

Available until 30 October 2017
Sofia Excursions & Tours - Rila Monastery and Melnik tour
Sofia Excursions & Tours: A bit heavy program with a lot of driving, but with plenty of impressions to remain afterwards. Explore with your guide Rila Monastery – the most frequented Bulgarian UNESCO site and one of the largest monastic complexes on the Balkans. Located among the giant mountain peaks of Rila Mountains the monastery with its museum and Renaissance frescoes is a definite must see. Further south is Melnik, nominated as the smallest Buglarian town and the capital of a famous wine region. There we will take a gentle walking tour along narrow alleys amidst 18-19th century houses and strangely shaped formations made of sand and clay. Visit to the 18th century Koprdopulov's house and its tunnel-like wine-cellar is included. There you will taste a glass of its locally prepared red wine, just before heading back for Sofia.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pickup from you accommodation in Sofia (please indicate).
Duration: Transfer time: 6 hrs in total. Sightseeing time: 4-5 hrs .
Start/opening time: At 8am.
Languages: English.

Available until 15 September 2017
Sofia Excursions & Tours - Rila Mountains & The Seven Rila Lakes
Sofia Excursions & Tours: Spend the day in the Rila, walking around its pearls: The Seven Rila Lakes. During the last few years this destination has become one of the most popular places for one-day hiking tours in the Rila Mountains. The reasons are several: impressive nature beauty, easy access by chairlift, variety of paths and hiking routes in the area.
If you wish to make your walk harder or easier your guide will be able to adjust the group program accordingly.
A transfer from Sofia takes us to the Panichishte Resort cable car which takes us to the Seven Rila Lakes Cirque. Then we start exploring them one by one. Each lake is named after its most characteristic feature. The highest one (at 2500m/8200ft above sea level) is called Salzata (''The Tear''), from where we have a bird’s eye view over all seven lakes, as well as surrounding outcrops and deep valleys; the next one in height carries the name Okoto (''The Eye'') after its oval form; Babreka (''The Kidney'') is the lake with the steepest shores of the entire group; Bliznaka (''The Twin'') is the largest of all; Trilistnika (''The Trefoil'') has an irregular shape; the shallowest lake is Ribnoto Ezero (''The Fish Lake'') and the lowest one is Dolnoto Ezero (''The Lower Lake''; 2100m/6995ft), where the water that flows out of the other lakes is gathered to form the source of Dzherman River.
Meeting/ Pick up point: The customer's hotel.
Duration: Transfer time: 3-3,30hrs, walking time: 4-5 hrs (moderate difficulty).
Start or opening time: The tour is available daily at early morning 07.00 am.
Languages: English speaking guide.
Others: This walking route is moderately arduous, with individual brief paths featuring steep inclines. Please bring along comfortable hiking boots. Sandals and flip-flops are not accepted. Rain jacket might be useful in summer as heavy showers sometimes occur in the afternoons.

Sofia Excursions & Tours - Sofia's food, heritage and culture tour
Sofia Excursions & Tours: Spend an afternoon like locals do. Explore Sofia’s fascinating and historical city centre, taste Bulgarian sweets, and indulge in some Bulgarian wine and meze – you know, all in a typical day for locals in Sofia! Sofia is full of impressive sights, and your Sofia tour will start with your local guide showing you some of the most beautiful ones, including the National Theatre, King’s Palace, and the Presidency, before leading you to a favourite local café.
We’re pretty sure it’s time for a break, so we’ll stop here at the café to sample some Sofia food; the world famous shopska salad, prepared with fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese, and spices. We’ll also taste a cup of traditional Bulgarian ayryan, a drink prepared from yogurt. Our historical tour of Sofia will continue with some beautiful stops, including the Rotunda St. George, St. Nedelya Church, Banya Bashi Mosque, and the Synagogue, all situated near ‘Small Jerusalem Square’, so named because within five minutes’ walk of the square where you can find very important monuments to three different religions.
From there, it’ll be time for a visit to Central Hali Market, a building with more than a hundred years of history and architecture, and where we’ll taste typical sweets like baklava, and tolumbichki. On this Sofia food tour, you’ll also have the opportunity to buy fresh fruits or vegetables, and we may even have the chance to sample nuts or sausages. Continuing with the truly local Sofia experience, we’ll catch a ride on the newest underground in Europe to get us to our final stop – a traditional, typical Bulgarian restaurant. Situated in four houses, with a common garden, the restaurant’s architecture and furniture hail from the 19th century, and from four different parts of Bulgaria.
It’s fitting that this restaurant is where we’ll indulge in some fantastic Bulgarian wine along with meze, a local meat platter, filled with lukanka, babek, fillet Elena, and pastarma. Our Sofia tour ends here, but this restaurant is the perfect place to continue your Bulgarian food fest, with all sorts of fantastic Bulgarian dishes available for you to enjoy.
Duration: Two and-a-half to three hours.
Start/opening time: At 3pm.
Languages: English.

Available until 30 November 2017
Sofia Excursions & Tours - Sofia's highlights - Private
Sofia Excursions & Tours: The Bulgarian capital is a compact city with all its major tourist sights concentrated in the center. A 3-hour private guided walking tour of of the center will give a memorable insight of Sofia history and culture. We will visit the Alexandar Nevski Cathedral - the largest Orthodox church on the Balkans, the beautifully decorated Russian Church of St. Nikolay, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the Presidency, the 16th century Banya Bashi Mosque, the Sveta Nedelia Church and the St. George Rotunda.
Duration: Three hours .
Start/opening time: At 9am.
Languages: English.

Available until 30 November 2017
Sofia Excursions & Tours - The soul of Sofia - Private
Sofia Excursions & Tours: Discover the real and authentic soul of Sofia, a bustling city with east-meets-west contrasts. It is one of the oldest settlements in Europe with impressive history and modern look. The tour starts with pickup from your hotel and short transfer will take you the National History Museum, one of the biggest on the Balkans. A guided tour in it will introduce you to the most important and heroic moments in the Bulgarian history.
The tour proceeds with explorations of the nearby Boyana Church (UNESCO) frescoes. Transfer to the city center from where we will continue our cultural discovery on foot. The Presidency, Alexander Nevski Cathedral, the old Kings' Palace, the Russian Church, the remains of the Ancient Fortress, St. Sofia and St. George Church (IV century) are all on our itinerary.
Half way along the our walking tour we will stop for a tea break. Not an ordinary one! We will taste authentic Kazanlak tea from roses and a tasty home-made cake with jam prepared from rose-oil yielding roses.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pickup from you accommodation in Sofia (please indicate).
Duration: Six hours .
Start/opening time: At 9am.
Languages: English.

Available until 31 October 2017
Sofia Excursions & Tours - Troyan Monastery and Oreshaka
Sofia Excursions & Tours: A day tour that will take you to the fascinating 17th century Troyan Monastery and the nearby Museum of Folk Crafts. Troyan Monastery is one of the biggest Bulgarian orthodox temples in Bulgaria with frescoes and architecture highly admired by equally by pilgrims and tourists. The monastery is located in one of the most picturesque places of Balkan Mountain. In the Museum of Folk Crafts you will see different demonstrations and learn about different crafts practiced in the Bulgarian mountains during the 19th century. There are options for purchasing authentic handmade souvenirs and also have pleasant 1-hour stroll in the majestic Balkan Mountains.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick-up at your hotel in Sofia.
Duration: Nine hours.
Start/opening time: At 9am.
Languages: English.

Available until 15 September 2017
Sofia Excursions & Tours - Tsari Mali Grad and Spa bike tour
Sofia Excursions & Tours: A real adventure bike trip back in time on the southern slopes of Vitosha mountain. Explore the less popular south side of Vitosha mountain on a bike, submerge in ancient times in one of the newest tourist attraction in Bulgaria - the reconstructed Mali Tsari grad fortress and enjoy a refreshing swim in the mineral swimming pools in the area.
We pick you up from your hotel and drive on a mountain road in Vitosha mountain up to Zheleznitsa village. Here you get on the bikes for a short climb up to Yarema area at 1500m. The rest is a pleasant descend in forested area and vast meadows leading to a big valley with many scattered villages. Most of the tracks are isolated asphalt roads with no or very slow traffic. We stop at Tsari Mali Grad fortress dating back from 3-6 century where we make a visit of the local ethnographic museum, do a ride on the attraction train to the top of the fortress hill and enjoy a lunch in the area.
Later we continue with some more biking among vast potato fields and farm lands and end in Samokov town famous for the best potatoes in Bulgaria and the prominent Bulgarian icon painting school from 19c. On the way we can stop at a local swimming pool with mineral water for sunbathing and relaxation. Transfer back to Sofia passing by the biggest dam in Bulgaria - Iskar dam.
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel lobby.
Duration: Seven hours.
Start/opening time: At 8am.
Others: Supporting vehicle with an English speaking driver and a map of the route included.

Available until 30 September 2017
Sofia Excursions & Tours - Veliko Tarnovo and Arnabasi tour
Sofia Excursions & Tours: Veliko Tarnovo was the capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom /12-14th century/ and at that time was referred to in Europe as “the third city after Rome and the second after Constantinople”. It remained a prosperous craftsman’s town during Ottoman rule and today it prides itself on being one of the most cherished tourist destinations. The private tour includes the most iconic and well-known sites: the Tsarevets architectural and museum reserve /medieval stronghold/, a walk along Samovodska charshia /a lively street with local crafts/, a photo stop at the Asenevtsi monument, a walking tour in the charming village of Arbanassi and a visit to the Church of the Nativity, which has well-preserved frescoes depicting over 3500 saints presented in 200 biblical scenes.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick-up at hotels in Sofia.
Duration: Seven hours.
Start/opening time: At 8am.
Languages: English.
Others: Not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

Available until 30 October 2017
Sofia Excursions & Tours - Vitosha Mountains and Cherni Vrah Peak hiking tour
Sofia Excursions & Tours: Vitosha looming is the first thing visitors to Sofia notice on their way from the airport. Few cities and even fewer capitals possess such a natural feature. Vitosha is the Balkans’ oldest Nature Park and Bulgaria’s most visited mountain. Each year, thousands of tourists enjoy the beauty of its scenery and its plant and animal life.
Our hiking trek takes you along the entire crest of the Vitosha. Starting from appr. 1750m/5830ft. above sea level we first climb Cherni Vrah Peak (2290m/7625ft. ) following a gently ascending trail and then traverse the Torfeno Branishte (“The Peat”) Nature Reserve to reach the famous stone rivers of the Zlatni Mostove (“Golden Bridges”) natural feature. The wet meadows on either side of the path are home to a number of rare and endemic plant species, including a few species of orchids. You might also be lucky to encounter some of the recently introduced Balkan Chamois (wild goats). Hiking takes place above the tree line in the alpine and sub-alpine part of the mountains, and eventually you descend through century-old coniferous woods to you final destination – a magic river of huge boulders covered with yellow lichens.
Food: there are a few huts on our way where we can purchase some basic food (i. e. beans soup, meatballs, French fries, tea, pancakes), but if you come prepared with a sandwich or two we can stop at any place to enjoy our food. This walking route is moderately arduous, without steep paths. Please bring along comfortable hiking boots. Sandals and flip-flops are not accepted. Rain jacket might be useful in summer as heavy showers sometimes occur in the afternoons.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up from hotels in Sofia.
Duration: Walking tour: between four and six hours.
Start/opening time: At 8.30am.
End/closing time: At 4pm.
Languages: English.
Others: Moderate difficulty.

Available until 30 September 2017
Sofia Excursions & Tours - Vratsa Karst Nature Park and Ledenika cave
Sofia Excursions & Tours: Explore the best of Vratsa Karst Nature Park in one day. An early transfer will take you to Zgorigrad village passing by the rock phenomenon Vratsata and further to the beginning of the beautiful and thrilling eco-trail of Borov Kamak waterfall (50m high). Climb up on wooden ladders and steps in the pristine valley full of small waterfalls and cascades, enjoy a picnic lunch at the top and descend on a nice beech forest path with great panoramic views to Zgorigrad village and Vratsa Mountains. On the way up to the waterfall you will cross the river on wooden bridges just above the rapids, climb up rocky steep sections on massive wooden ladders and enjoy great views of Borov kamak waterfall from below and then on top of it.
After the hike you will be transferred to the sinister cave Ledenika where mother nature has made a masterpiece of an enchanting underground world. It is 320m long and its name comes from the icy stalagmites formed at the entrance in winter time and early spring. With its stunning cave formations Ledenika is one of the most beautiful show caves in Bulgaria and a habitat of the endemic beetle Fagomycetes ledenicus or "the light hater". This hiking trail is especially recommended for spring, when is the best time to enjoy the turbulent waters of the waterfall and the icy structures inside the Ledenika Cave.
Food: if you have forgotten to take a lunch pack or a sandwich with you, you can have lunch in one of the small restaurants in the area. The menu is limited though: soups (lentils, beans), grilled meat and some basic meals. This walking route is moderately arduous, with individual brief paths featuring steep inclines; adventurous parts occur (wooden bridges, narrow stages in the cave etc. ) and need more attention. Please bring along comfortable hiking boots. Sandals and flip-flops are not accepted. Rain jacket might be useful in summer as heavy showers sometimes occur in the afternoons. The floor inside the cave is very slippery and the temperature is about +8C.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up from hotels in Sofia.
Duration: Between eight and nine hours. Walking time: between four and five hours.
Start/opening time: At 7.30am.
Languages: English.
Others: Entry fees for the cave included.

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