Available until 28 September 2017 then from 10 May 2018
Skiathos Excursions & Tours - Island Hopper Discovery Tour
Skiathos Excursions & Tours: Take a cruise around the glorious Archipelago Sporades, explore new places including Scopelos and Alonissos with plenty of time to relax onboard and enjoy the incredible landscapes.
* Visit two of the Sporades hotspots: Skopelos and Alonissos
* See the sights which were used to film Mamma Mia
* Sail on board a relaxing boat and enjoy the serene life at sea
Start the tour with a visit to the famously loved Skopelos, used as the beautiful backdrop to the ABBA based musical, Mamma Mia in 2008. Fall in love with its breathtaking scenery and understand why the producers selected this natural world to film a blockbuster movie. It’s refreshing authenticity is a lovely contrast to that of the tourist resorts and truly represents unspoilt island life in its most raw state. This is the perfect place to relax with plenty of delightful walks through lush green forests, views of the imposing mountains and of course, the glittering Aegean.
Jump back on the boat and sail over the calm waves to arrive at our next destination, Alonissos. Welcome to a world full of pine forests, olive groves and orchards. This is the most remote island of the Northern Sporades. We will also sail through the Sporades Marine Park. Make sure you bring your camera as you will not want to miss out on these beautiful horizons.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick-up from the coastal road and drive to the port.
Start/opening time: Between 9am and 9:30am.
End/closing time: Between 6:15pm and 6:45pm.

Available until 25 September 2017 then from 14 May 2018
Skiathos Excursions & Tours - Music & Moonlight Boat Trip
Skiathos Excursions & Tours: Climb on board for an unforgettable night beneath the stars as we sail over the calm waters to a precious, little beach tavern to dance your heart away
* Beautiful views of the sunset in Skiathos
* Relaxing boat ride
* A delicious traditional Greek dinner
* Live music to dance along
Sail down the picturesque south coast of Skiathos and relax as the boat lulls over the rolling tide and the sun starts to set. Admire the breathtaking views of the sunset and take in the vibrant colours around you reflecting off of the sea’s surface. Here we’ll stop for the perfect photo opportunity.
Our destination is the lively and vibrant beach tavern, where an incomparable atmosphere awaits you. Mingle with the locals at this fabulous and much-loved place and get a real understanding for everyday life in the Aegean. Embrace the loving hospitality provided by everyone accompanied by an authentic Greek feast, typical live music together with the romantic glow from the moonlight. The perfect opportunity to have a little boogie with your loved ones.
Leisurely Sail back and reminisce upon the magical night you’ve just had as the boat slowly chugs away back to the port where you coach awaits to take you home.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick-up from the coastal road and drive to the port. Please note that a fax providing the tour details is sent to your hotel 24 hours in advance.
Start/opening time: At 6pm approx.
End/closing time: At 11.00pm approx.

Available until 30 September 2017 then from 9 May 2018
Skiathos Excursions & Tours - Sacred Skiathos
Skiathos Excursions & Tours: A tour for those interested in local history, folklore and culture.
The evening begins at the church of The Archangels, where you get a wonderful view and a short tour of the interesting, old church. We then continue to the Church of The Virgin Mary and after we have visited it, there is a short footpath that will take us down to the Evagelistria Monastery, built to be well hidden from pirates in a lush valley. This is the only monastery on Skiathos that is still active and it has a fascinating 200-year history, starting with the making of the first Greek flag. After a tour of the premises and the local museum (not included), which houses a rare collection of icons, relics and traditional costumes, you will get some time on your own before departing.
All in all a lovely way to spend part of your evening in peaceful and tranquil surroundings untouched and undisturbed by the modern way of life.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick-up from the coastal road and drive to the port.
Start/opening time: Between 3pm and 3.30pm.
End/closing time: Between 6.15pm and 6.45pm.
Others: Museum entrance fees included.

Available until 30 September 2017 then from 8 May 2018
Skiathos Excursions & Tours - Sporades Sunshine Cruise excluding lunch
Skiathos Excursions & Tours: Set sail on the perfect day out to two of the most beautiful beaches around on the neighboring island of Skopelos.
* Explore three different beaches on Skopelos
* Discover the filming location for hit movie “Mamma Mia”
* Enjoy free time to swim or sunbathe
Our exciting adventure starts from Skiathos port, heading out on a north easterly course towards the neighboring island of Skopelos. Sit back and enjoy the wonderful views as the sea mist cools you down as we float over the sea. Sip at a refreshing soft drink before we reach our first destination, Kastani beach.
Step off onto the golden sands and embrace the paradise that is the famous Kastani beach. You may recognize it as the glorious backdrop to the famous ABBA movie “Mamma Mia. ” Relive the magic from the movie and recreate your own dazzling memories, it’s easy to see why the producers would pick this stunning place to film their blockbuster.
Back out at sea, we make our short journey over to the neighboring beach, Panormos and just in time for lunch, perhaps treat yourself to lunch at one of the typical beach tavernas (not included. ) Alternatively, make the most of your time here and swim or sunbathe. Maybe explore the surroundings or maybe just relax in the happy atmosphere. The choice is yours.
Our last stop is Milia beach, the best place for our last dip in the sea before returning home after a lazy day beach hopping. The boat takes a leisurely sail back to port after a long day of relaxation.
Meeting/pick-up point: Coastal road outside the hotel.
Duration: 8 hours.
Pick-up time: Approximately at 9am.
Drop-off time: Approximately at 5:45pm.
Languages: English.
Others: Recommended to bring Swim gear, camera, comfortable shoes, jacket. Included: Transfers, escort and light refreshments.

Available from 9 May 2018
Skiathos Excursions & Tours - Sunset Cruise
Skiathos Excursions & Tours: Sit back and relax, as the sun slowly begins to set across the bay whilst you enjoy drink on board this perfect evening boat trip
* Enjoy the serenity of an evening boat trip out at sea
* Admire the sunset from a new perspective
* Receive a complimentary drink
Finish your day in the best way possible with this evening sunset cruise. Spend a few hours on board as we glide across the coast providing breathtaking views. This traditional boat will leisurely sail from the East coast over to the end of the island.
Watch in awe as the sun starts to set, reflecting an array of bright colours across the surface of the glittering Aegean. With traditional, soft Greek music in the background you will really get a feel for life on the island. Sip at your complimentary drink and lose yourself to the gentle rocking motion of the waves.
Returning back to the port you will be blessed with spectacular views of the town at night, watch the buzz of a busy resort from the quiet tides at sea. Disembark and enjoy the rest of your night on land.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick-up from the coastal road and drive to the port.
Duration: 4 hours.
Start/opening time: At 6pm approx.