Joao Pessoa Excursions & Tours - Jôao Pessoa City Tour
Joao Pessoa Excursions & Tours: Bask on beaches, amble through ancient laneways and discover sacred sites on your visit to Brasil's third largest city and one of its oldest, Joao Pessoa. Stand on the spot where the sun first rises at Cabo Branco beach, the eastern most point in the America's marked by the proud lighthouse Ponta do Seixas. Cruise the stunning, surrounding beaches that dot the coastline including Tambaú and Manaíra, before heading to the heart of Joao Pessoa, an undiscovered city paradise.
Proceed to the pretty historical district, a fascinating centre that dates back to 1585. It includes the popular Sao Francisco area, where you can marvel at the stunning church Igreja do São Francisco. This statuesque monument possesses an intriguing architecture reflecting a mixture of colonial influences. The church is home to an impressive 40-metre dome-ceiling mural and is inhabited by eerie resident bats! Other highlights will include a visit to Parque Solon de Lucena and the picture-perfect 'Square of The Three Powers'. For a touch of the spiritual, visit the historically important Monastery of São Bento and the Church of Nossa Senhora do Carmo. Diving certification needed. No more than one year since the last diving sesion.
On our return journey, enjoy time to wander through the colourful Paraíba Craft Market. Peruse the many interesting stalls, finding beautiful, quality local creations and maybe even pick up a souvenir to remember your time in vibrant Joao Pessoa. Join us to uncover the best of this bustling city, Brasil's best-kept secret and a sprawling urban paradise that many visitors miss!
Meeting/pick-up point: Roundtrip Transfer to Most Hotels in Joao Pessoa. Please confirm your pick-up with the supplier.
Duration: 8 hours (approximately).
Start/opening time: Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday at 9am. Please contact Gray Line Brazil to confirm your tour at least 48 hours prior to the activity time.
End/closing time: 16.30.
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Joao Pessoa Excursions & Tours - Northern Coast Beaches & Cabedelo.
Joao Pessoa Excursions & Tours: Prepare to be dazzled by Brazil’s idyllic northern coast on this exhilarating 1-day tour. Spend a day roaming the paradisiacal coastline, witness exotic wildlife, and learn about this fascinating region's rich historical and cultural heritage in the bustling port town of Cabedelo.
A visit to the exotic northern region of Brazil is a must for nature lovers and culture seekers alike! On this tour we have combined both interests. We start by taking you to explore the unspoilt beaches of Tambau, Nanaira and Bessa. Along this spectacular stretch of sun-kissed coastline you will be greeted by miles and miles of deserted beach. We will stop to observe a sea turtle nesting area at Intermares. Have your camera at the ready as you get up close to these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.
As your tour continues, we’ll drive along the coast past the beaches of Camboinha and Formosa before reaching the vibrant port town of Cabedelo. As you make your way through the town, you will see the Colonial Fortress of Santa Catrina. This strategically positioned fortification was the city’s primary defence against the Dutch who threatened the Portuguese rule of Brazil. Views from the walls offer picture-perfect panoramas of the ocean and beaches. You will also visit the official starting point of the Trans-Amazon highway.
The return journey includes a stop for lunch where you have the chance to try the region’s wide variety of freshly caught seafood dishes. You will also be given plenty of time to conclude your day by soaking up some sun. Enjoy the sensation of sinking your toes into the soft powdery sands and take a leisurely dip in the azure ocean.
Meeting/pick-up point: Roundtrip Transfer to Most Hotels in Joao Pessoa.
Duration: 10 hours.
Start/opening time: At 8.30am.
Languages: Collective Spanish and Portuguese / English Private.
Others: The specific departure time for this tour will be determined upon reconfirmation. Please contact Gray Line Brazil to confirm your tour at least 48 hours prior to the activity time.

Joao Pessoa Excursions & Tours - Southern Coast Beahes & Tambara.
Joao Pessoa Excursions & Tours: Each morning the first part of Brazil to be kissed by the sun is the coastline around João Pessoa and it is here that you will discover some of the most beautiful beaches in the universe. Feast your eyes on strands and coves with names so exotic as to make you think each and every one is paradise. Wander among the natural pools at low tide and hike cliffs of multicoloured sandstone while breathing in the fresh sea breeze. This is what Brazil is all about!
You will visit six sensational beaches during this dreamlike full day tour. Expect a landscape of sandy strands, coves, estuaries, marshes, cliffs, crystalline waters, natural tidal pools (both fresh and salt water) dunes and palm trees, lots of palm trees. Jacumã beach, Tabatinga beach, Carapibus beach, Coqueirinho beach, Bela beach and, last but not least, Tambaba the only naturalist beach in the region. . . are you ready to discover them?
The coast south of João Pessoa boasts dozens of beautiful beaches each with its own special charm. The crescent-shaped Coqueirinho beach is framed by cliff and is named after the abundant coconut palm trees that make is such a paradisiacal spot. Part of the beach has clear waters, gentle waves and reefs; another has strong waves and open sea, forming caves among the rocks.
Tambaba is an area of pure natural – and naturalist – beauty with a beach is protected by steep cliffs, some covered by dense forest, some bare, revealing the red or white earth below.
Meeting/pick-up point: Roundtrip transport to and from most hotels in João Pessoa.
Duration: Nine hours.
Start/opening time: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30am
Languages: Spanish and Portuguese for shared tour; English for private tour.

Joao Pessoa Excursions & Tours - Sunset on Jacare Beach.
Joao Pessoa Excursions & Tours: Experience the world’s most sensual sunset at Jacare Beach, where watching the sun go down to the accompaniment of Ravel’s Bolero is a ritual no visitor to Joao Pessoa can miss. Grab a spot at the shoreline and watch in awe as the inimitable saxophonist Jurandy plays Ravel’s romantic and intimate composition while being rowed in a canoe across River Paraiba as the sun drops into the horizon, painting the sky in bursts of gold, orange and red – a sunset like no other.
Like many a great idea, the Bolero sunset tradition at Jacare Beach – which is not a beach but a river estuary – came about through a set of unprecedented circumstances. Legend has that in the 1980s a mysterious foreigner moored his boat and ambled up to one of the two bars in the area. He asked the barman, the legendary Senhor Gringo, to play a record and the tune that coincided with the sunset was Maurice Ravel’s Bolero, which at the time featured in the soundtracks to popular movies. Everyone agreed that it heightened the drama and sensuality of the sunset. The next day, a customer asked for it to be played again at sunset and so a tradition was born.
Today it has been perfected to a ritual with the live saxophonist and people come from all over Brazil to be able to say: ‘I saw the sunset at Jacare Beach. ’ This excursion brings you in time to savour the atmosphere and find a good spot at one of the bars along Paraiba riverfront.
Meeting/pick-up point: Roundtrip transfer to/from most hotels.
Duration: Three hours.
Start/opening time: 3.30pm.
Languages: Public tour in Spanish and Portuguese with private tour in English.

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