Verfügbar bis 30 Dezember 2017
Ausflüge in Paracas - Ballestas Island HD
Ausflüge in Paracas: Transport is provided to take you from your hotel to the pier to board the launch for the Ballestas Islands. 45 minutes off the coast of Paracas, the Ballestas Islands attract an impressive quantity of marine animals: chiefly seabirds and penguins, as well as large populations of seals, which swim and jump close to the boat. At the end of the tour you will return to your hotel.
Meeting/ pick-up point: Hotel lobby.
Duration: Two hours.
Start/opening time: 8am.
Languages: Spanish and English.

Verfügbar bis 29 Dezember 2017
Ausflüge in Paracas - Ica vineyard tour from Paracas
Ausflüge in Paracas: Ica is home to a large number of wineries that produce some of the best wines and pisco in the country. On this occasion, a transportation service will pick you up from Paracas in the morning to carry you to Caravedo traditional winery, where one of the best pisco in the country is distilled.
Then visit the prestigious Tacama winery that produces excellent wines and pisco. The renowned winery Queirolo will be the last point of your visit. There you will take a tour around the vineyard and learn about the distillation zone. Besides, you'll enjoy a delicious lunch, followed by a tasting of wines and pisco. Finally, return to Paracas.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up from hotel.
Duration: Seven and-a-half hours approx.
Start/opening time: From Tuesday to Friday, at 8am.
Languages: English and Spanish.
Others: Tour not available on bank holidays. Not recommended for people with physical disabilities.

Verfügbar bis 30 Dezember 2017
Ausflüge in Paracas - Overflight Nazca Lines
Ausflüge in Paracas: Today you will enjoy a special trip across the desert to Nasca. Nasca is a small town. It would perhaps be unnoticed on the map were it not for the mysterious lines on the desert that have made it famous throughout the world. A monkey, a spider, a humming bird, all of vast size, can be seen from light aircraft - try to decipher the mystery yourself.
You will overfly the more than twelve geoglyphs on the Nasca desert, plus those recently discovered at Palpa. The trip ends by flying over the mountains, where you will find marine fossils up to 150 million years old.
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel lobby.
Duration: Approx. 1.5 hours.
Start/opening time: At 6am.
Languages: Spanish and English.
Others: All passengers exceeding 101 kg must pay additional 50% of the cost of the Tour.

Verfügbar bis 30 Dezember 2017
Ausflüge in Paracas - Paracas National Park
Ausflüge in Paracas: It is a masterful reserve of ecology, located in Ica in the coastaldesert. . is one of the richer marine ecosystems of the world; its cold waters allow the abundance of plancton, variety of fish, seaweed and seafood. Paracas is natural patrimony and cultural of Peru, it lodges to 216 species of marine birds between migratory residents and these last ones travel thousands of km for fed and to rest is east place. In beaches and islands guaneras birds, pingüinos of Humbolt, flamenco potoyuncos, earrings live and whose colors inspired the Peruvian flag. Also there are great populations of fine and funny wolves, and some units of marine cat, dolphins, marine whales and turtles. Other enchantments of Paracas, are their formation natural like the Cathedral and the enigmatic Candelabrum, of unknown origin. This territory is cradle of the millenarian Paracas culture, that dazzles to the entire world with the findings found in his necrópolis, momias packed and adorned with gorgeous textiles, accompanied by coloured ceramics, networks, foods, jewels and other samples of its splendor. Paracas is a magical place that deserves to be visited!
Meeting/ pick-up point: Hotel lobby.
Duration: Three hours.
Start/opening time: At 9am and 2pm.
Languages: Spanish and English.

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