Ausflüge in Manaus - Manus City Tour.
Ausflüge in Manaus: Opulently bold architecture, a rich historical and cultural heritage and an unbeatable location in the middle of the Amazonian jungle makes this city tour of Manaus an unforgettable experience.
This 3-hour tour begins with an exhilarating 11-mile riverfront drive along the Ponta Negra towards the floating port of Manaus. Manaus is the Amazon’s largest city and a major port. The rags to riches story of Manaus will intrigue as you learn how this city was at the centre of Brazil’s rubber boom that lasted between 1890 and 1920. The city experienced 30 years of huge prosperity that was short lived because foreigners came and poached the rubber seeds for their own benefit! Evidence of this lavish golden age can be seen in the sumptuous architecture dotted around the city. A fine example is the Rio Negro Palace, old official residence of the government and once residence of a wealthy rubber merchant, and where we start our tour.
As the tour continues you will visit the Indian Museum and the Salesiana Congregation to understand the traditions, habits and behaviour of the indigenous people. To bring your tour to a close we take you to the Justice Palace and the Teatro Amazonas. Financed by wealthy rubber barons, this fantastic theatre opened in 1896 and is considered to be a highlight of Manaus. It is an extraordinary example of the wealth and greatness of the age of the rubber boom and still hosts concerts to this day.
Meeting/pick-up point: Roundtrip transfer to most hotels. Duration: Four hours.
Start/opening time: 7.30am.
Languages: English and Spanish.
Others: Ticket to the "Teatro Amazonas" (Amazon Theater) is included.
On Sundays and Mondays, the Amazon Theater is closed. Tourists will be able to visit the panoramic section but will not be able to enter the theatre.

Ausflüge in Manaus - Marvelous Waterfalls.
Ausflüge in Manaus: Journey deep into the heart of Amazonia and visit some of the most sensational waterfalls in the Manaus region. Pay homage to Mother Nature at the Sanctuary Waterfall followed by a traditional Brazilian lunch before heading to the Iracema Waterfall for the afternoon. Expect lots of water, lots of spray and lots of noise!
Leave Manaus in the morning and travel through the rainforest towards Presidente Figueiredo, a bustling town on the River Urubui. From here, make the trek to the famed Sanctuary Waterfalls (Cachoeira do Santuário) which is a complex featuring three cascades, with the largest some 5 metres high. The strong currents mean that as the water crashes against the rocks, the splash produces a fine mist, creating a truly beautiful sight. Despite the force of the water, small pools are formed on the banks of the river, allowing for a more leisurely bathing experience. As it contrasts with the vegetation, the water seems to take on a variety of colours while the banks are a mix of rocks and a dense tangle of roots. A statue of St Claire nestled behind one of the falls is the source of the name, Sanctuary Waterfall.
Head to a local restaurant and feast on a typical Brazilian lunch before continuing your jungle adventure with a visit to the impressive Iracema Waterfall. This 8 metre-high cascade is much wider than the Sanctuary falls and you can stand under the overhang to ‘take a shower’. During low tide, small natural pools form and you can enjoy a natural hot tub.
Meeting/pick-up point: Roundtrip transfer to/from most hotels.
Duration: Eight hours.
Start/opening time: 8am.
Languages: English and Spanish.
Others: From June to November the canoe ride will be replaced by a walking tour in the forest.

Ausflüge in Manaus - Metting of the Waters.
Ausflüge in Manaus: Float down the Amazon, the king of rivers in South America, on this amazing boat tour that combines the best tropical scenarios with indigenous everyday life. With its sharp curves and overall wiggly pattern, the Amazon River is considered by many the longest river in the world. Also, the staggering amount of water it carries nurtures one of the globe’s richest ecosystems, making the Amazon rainforest home to innumerable species of plants and animals.
The adventure begins by parting from the Tropical Hotel Marina along the waters of the Negro River. Glide past the beautiful Port of Manaus, where you will appreciate traditional Amazon boats docking to hand over their products to the local market.
As you continue to flow along the river, a stop will be made for you to contemplate the magnificent point at which the Negro and Solimoes rivers join the huge Amazon. You’ll appreciate not only the difference in currents, but even in the colour of the mingling waters. After that, continue sailing up Negro River to reach the Januaury Ecological Park, where you discover the renowned aquatic plant, Vitoria Regia.
The last part of the trip varies depending on the time of year. During Wet Season (October to January), hop onto a motorized canoe and buzz through the little igarapes – the rivers Solimoes and Negro’s creeks. If it’s Dry Season (the rest of the year), enjoy an exciting jungle stroll. Either way, complete your day by feasting on a hearty lunch aboard a floating restaurant and visiting local Indian handcraft stores.
Meeting/pick-up point: Roundtrip transfer to most hotels.
Duration: nine hours.
Start/opening time: At 7.30am.
Languages: English and Spanish.
From June to November the canoe ride will be replaced by a walking tour in the forest. Others:

Ausflüge in Manaus - Survival Techniques in the Amazon Jungle.
Ausflüge in Manaus: Prepare yourself for the ultimate jungle experience with a survival techniques course in the heart of Amazonia. Learn all the necessary tricks from how to find water to what leaves can help cure injuries while enjoying a tour of the world’s lung. There will also be a canoe ride and swim as well as the opportunity to visit local residents in their homes.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be lost in the jungle? Do you reckon you could find your way without a compass? How do you improve your chances of being rescued? There are so many things to worry about in such a scenario that you could easily find yourself overwhelmed by it all and with the odds stacked against you… but you can survive and make it out alive – and this course will show you the way.
Your survival techniques class begins with a boat departure from the Tropical Hotel in Manaus heading towards the village of Tupe. Enjoy an atmospheric voyage upstream to the accompaniment of the sounds of water and wildlife. Begin your jungle trail and learn about the different types of vegetation, how to identify fruit, trees, medicine leaves and roots, and to find various sources of water. You will also learn how to construct small traps to catch animals. After the course, the tour continues by canoe with an opportunity to swim and to visit local Amazonian residents at their homes. This course is ideal for if you’re interested in the outdoors, the rainforest and survival skills.
Meeting/pick-up point: Roundtrip transfer to/from most hotels.
Duration: Five hours.
Start/opening time: 8am.
Languages: English and Spanish.

Ausflüge in Manaus - Visit Vila Paraiso Rubber Museum.
Ausflüge in Manaus: Learn all about the production process of rubber, one of Brazil’s largest exports, on this highly educational tour of Vila Paraiso’s rubber museum. You might recognize some of the surroundings, for this is the very city where this year’s movie “The Jungle” was filmed; so keep an eye open for corners and locations that could ring a bell!
Once you have reached Vila Paraiso, your visit officially begins at a waterfront warehouse, where tons of rubber were boarded onto ships to be transported and sold all over the world. Here, you will get the chance to enter the Rubber Master House, a magnificent architectural construction that comes to prove just how much wealth lay behind the rubber industry in Brazil, especially with the industry boom after the war effort.
Move on to see the “large tent”, a space where the tools for producing rubber were arranged and stored. While on the premises, take a peek into the “chapel” and other interesting premises such as the flour warehouse. Later on, take a short jungle walk for a chance to see the fascinating rubber trees upfront. While in the bush, you will also see how the locals used to collect it.
Discover where rubber balls were placed to be submitted to the smoking process and, last but not least, enter the little houses where this enterprises’ employees used to reside. Before calling it a day, enjoy a break at the beautiful Tupe Beach, where you can take a plunge in the sea or sunbathe to your heart’s content.
Meeting/pick-up point: Roundtrip transfer to most hotels.
Duration: Four hours.
Start/opening time: 8.45am.
Languages: English and Spanish.

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