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Ausflüge in Mykonos - Ausflug auf das antike Delos
Ausflüge in Mykonos: Reise zu einer Insel, wo die Zeit stehen geblieben ist. Delos ist ein heiliger Ort in der griechischen Mythologie, ein archäologisches Vergnügen wartet darauf von Ihnen entdeckt zu werden.
* Erkunden Sie die Insel mit Hilfe eines qualifizierten Reiseleiters
* Besuchen Sie die wichtigsten archäologischen Sehenswürdigkeiten
* Genießen Sie die Fahrt über die Delos Insel
Genießen Sie eine Schifffahrt zur Delos Insel in Begleitung eines qualifizierten Reiseleiters und entdecken Sie die Geburtsorte von Apollo und Artemis. Sie erleben Geschichte bei jedem Schritt den Sie tun, denn die Insel ist voll von archäologischen Überresten. Während des antiken Griechenlands war Delos das Zentrum des Handels, der Politik und der Religion und ist jedoch jetzt völlig unbewohnt und eine der bedeutendsten archäologischen Stätten im östlichen Mittelmeerraum.
Mit der Hilfe Ihres Reiseleiters, besuchen Sie die Überreste des Tempels von Apollo, das Heiligtum von Artemis, die antike Stadt, das Theater und machen einen Spaziergang durch die Avenue of Lions. Das Museum zeigt auch klassische Skulpturen, sowohl hellenische als auch römische, sowie Krüge und Haushaltsgeräte aus der Ära. Dies ist ein faszinierender halbtägiger Ausflug zu einer Insel voller Geschichte und Legenden.
Treffpunkt: Der Treffpunkt bei der Reservierung bestätigt.
Beginn: Um 10:00 Uhr.
Ende: Um 14:00 Uhr.

Verfügbar bis 30 September 2017 danach ab 21 Mai 2018
Ausflüge in Mykonos - Schifffahrt an der Südküste von Mykonos
Ausflüge in Mykonos: Sehen Sie das Griechenland Ihrer Träume bei einer Schifffahrt entlang der südlichen Küste von Mykonos. Auf dieser entspannten ganztägigen Fahrt erleben Sie wie sich die Sonne im kristallklarem, strahlenden blauem Meer spiegelt und sehen direkt vor Ihren Augen die einsamen Strände von unbewohnten Inseln.
* Schwimmen und Schnorcheln im offenen Wasser
* Mittagessen und Getränke inklusive
* Die Schifffahrt führt Sie auf die unbewohnte Insel Dragonissi
* Viel Zeit zum Entspannen
Entspannen Sie sich und genießen Sie die warmen Sonnenstrahlen an Bord eines traditionellen Bootes. Wir fahren an der südlichen Küste entlang zur unbewohnten Insel Dragonissi, wo eine großartige Küsten und geschützte Höhlen aus dem Meer ragen. Solang es uns das Wetter erlaubt, werden wir so nah wie möglich ran fahren, ansonsten kehren wir zur Küste von Mykonos zum verlassenen Strand von Frangias zurück. Springen Sie in das zum Schwimmen und Schnorcheln einladende Wasser und genießen Sie das Angebot aus Ouzo, Wein, Säfte und Wasser zusammen mit einem kleinen Snack.
Unser nächstes Ziel ist der Kalafatis Strand, wo wir zu Mittag essen. Wir servieren einige griechische Klassiker, darunter griechischer Salat, Tsatsiki und ein Hauptgericht, begleitet von Wein und Wasser. Verbringen Sie einige Zeit am Strand, bevor es geradewegs zum Paradies Strand geht. Hier genießen wir einen Kaffee und ein weiteres Bad sowie Zeit für Wassersport. Am frühen Abend kehren wir nach Ornos bei einer milde Meeresbrise und einem idyllischen Urlaubsgefühl zurück.
Beginn: Um 10:00 Uhr
Ende: Um 18:00 Uhr.

Verfügbar bis 20 Oktober 2017 danach ab 2 Mai 2018
Ausflüge in Mykonos - Candlelit Dinner
Ausflüge in Mykonos: Share in the unmistakable passion for food. Located in the luxurious Myconian Ambassador Hotel at the area of Platys Gialos, “Efisia” restaurant is sheltered from the evening breeze in an alcove of rough-hewn stone. As one of the top tables on the island, Efisia offers a gourmet menu in the Relais & Châteaux tradition, pairing a culinary experience with luxurious atmosphere.
Our Executive Chef is a true artisan whose creative style of cuisine combines classic culinary traditions with a contemporary sensitivity to the Mediterranean art of cooking. Using only the finest farm-to-table ingredients and the fishermen’s catch of the day, his distinctive touch transforms even the simplest meal into a sophisticated gourmet experience that fuses purity and seasonal flavours.
As a proud member of an association of the world’s finest hoteliers, chefs and restaurateurs, we define dining luxury as a holistic experience that takes guests on a sensual journey and introduces them to the “art of living” Relais & Châteaux-style.
Dinner: consists of a Five Course Menu (with selection of Meat and Seafood) including 1 bottle of local wine (for 2 people).
Meeting/pick-up point: Myconian Ambassador Hotel .
Start/opening time: At 7:30pm.

Verfügbar bis 28 September 2017 danach ab 4 Mai 2018
Ausflüge in Mykonos - Delos 3D Tour
Ausflüge in Mykonos: Imagine walking to real Delos! A half-day trip, including the services of a professional guide, to the sacred island of Apollo and Artemis, a famous political and religious centre in Antiquity.
Get your iPad and with the help of our guide, enjoy a trip to Ancient Greece through the possibilities that technology and virtual reality can offer. Walk among the ruins and use your iPad to see the monuments fully reconstructed and colored, as they once stood during the island’s golden age!
A unique tour, a unique experience in this unique place where light was born.
Duration: Approx. 3 hours.
Pick-up time: At 9.30am. Please be there at least 15 minutes beforehand.
Start/opening time: At 10am.
End/closing time: At 1.30pm.
Drop-off time: At 2pm.
Languages: English.
Includes: Round trip boat ticket, entrance fees, licensed guide and iPad service.

Verfügbar bis 20 Oktober 2017 danach ab 1 April 2018
Ausflüge in Mykonos - Delos Private Tour
Ausflüge in Mykonos: Voyage to an island where time has stood still. A sacred place in Greek mythology, Delos is one large archaeological delight waiting to be discovered.
* Explore the ancient island and its unique mosaics
* Visit the main archaeological points of interest
* Enjoy the short cruise over to Delos Island
Cruise to the island of Delos in the company of a guide to explore the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. An island completely devoted to archaeological remains, history comes alive with every step. During classical times, Delos was the centre of trade, politics and religion and is now completely uninhabited and one of the most important archaeological sites in the eastern Mediterranean.
Head into the museum by yourself and see the remains of the temple of Apollo, the sanctuary of Artemis, the ancient city, the theatre and stroll through the Avenue of Lions. Enjoy the view of the whole island from the museum café and then head back to Mykonos by boat. This is a fascinating half day excursion to an island replete with history and legends.
Meeting/pick-up point: The meeting point and meeting time will be confirmed once your booking has been received. The contact details will appear in your booking confirmation.
Duration: 4 hours.
Languages: English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Verfügbar bis 20 Oktober 2017 danach ab 20 April 2018
Ausflüge in Mykonos - Horseriding in Mykonos
Ausflüge in Mykonos: Feel free as the wind brushes through your hair as we explore the paradise around us by horseback. This is truly the most relaxing ride through the countryside and an amazing opportunity to see a different side to Mykonos.
* Beautifully relaxing horse ride
* Follow a trail along the lake to Fokos beach
* Discover hidden gems inaccessible to others
Starting from Ano Mera, Mykonos’ most populated village situated about 8 km from Mykonos, we depart on this special journey. It’s known for its peaceful and relaxing environment along with its precious views. Our trail leads us along the spectacular lake, as we calmly take in the views from a whole new perspective.
This trail leads us to Fokos beach, arguably the nicest beach in the whole of Mykonos. With no public transport access and only visible on a few maps, this place is quite difficult to get to for most. It feels so exclusive and is definitely a hidden gem. Whilst here you may stop off for a bite to eat at the seaside tavern (not included) before we head back to the stables.
For the more experienced riders, you will be offered the opportunity to ride through to places which are inaccessible to reach by other people. Explore new places with your experienced guide and a trusty steed!
Start/opening time: At 9am.
End/closing time: Depending which on option you select.
Languages: English.

Verfügbar bis 19 Oktober 2017 danach ab 2 Mai 2018
Ausflüge in Mykonos - Jeep safari
Ausflüge in Mykonos: Welcome to paradise! Visit places unreachable to others by Jeep on the beautiful island of Mykonos!
* Ride a thrilling jeep through rural areas and hidden places!
* Be fascinated as the driver/guide emerges you with fun facts and stories
* Don’t forget your camera do snap up the amazing views!
Mykonos, named traditionally after Apollo’s grandson and comes from the myth that it was created by the giant’s bodies killed by Hercules. This mythical and magical island, is truly a paradise on earth with many stories to be told about it and so much interesting history to be seen on this spiritualistic island.
What better way to really understand this gem than explore the most secret and hidden places by jeep led by an expert tour guide? Discover places inaccessible to most by taking routes only possible by jeep, making this such a unique experience.
Let the views take your breath away as we ride along precious rural areas, white sand beaches and feel exhilarated by the sensation of adventure as we trundle along in a mighty fine jeep.
Visit the places in Mykonos which most tourists will never see with this once in a lifetime tour, oh and be sure to bring your camera as there will be plenty of photo opportunities!
Start/opening time: 10am.
End/closing time: 6pm.

Verfügbar bis 30 September 2017 danach ab 5 Mai 2018
Ausflüge in Mykonos - Mikonos wine and culture
Ausflüge in Mykonos: The island of Mykonos boasts of local people that are very proud of its traditions and that could keep its culture alive through many centuries of lively history. How did the Mykonians live and which traditions are being kept until today? Our excursion deals with these subjects.
On our walk through the town we visit the Agricultural Museum with its traditional windmill, The Folklore Museum which is situated in a beautiful house from the 11th century where an interesting collection of items concerning every day’s life as well as various costumes are exhibited. Then we continue to the “House of Lena” where we can see the style of furniture and personal belongings of the family. Right next door there is situated the Nautical Museum with its beautiful ship models of various epochs, very interesting nautical instruments, old maps and the old light house from the north cape of Mykonos, Armenistis.
As the last highlight of our tour we go for a wine tasting to a Greek Restaurant. Together with a lot of knowledge about the Greek wine we will taste a nice selection of them accompanied by a traditional plate of appetizers. The following time can be used to have a delicious dinner in classical Greek style (not included in the price).
Duration: Four hours approx.
Start/opening time: At 5pm.
End/closing time: At 9.15pm.
Languages: English and German.

Verfügbar bis 31 Oktober 2017 danach ab 1 April 2018
Ausflüge in Mykonos - Mykonos Island Private Tour
Ausflüge in Mykonos: Discover the beauty spots of the island with a morning tour of Ano Mera and Mykonos Town.
* Explore the prettiest village in Mykonos, Ano Mera
* See the island’s most famous beaches
* Enjoy a walking tour of Mykonos Town
After picking you up from the hotel, the tour starts with a visit of Ano Mera, a traditional and attractive village full of charm. Its picturesque square and streets are lined with rustic cafes and restaurants, and lead you to a large marble fountain and the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani. We then continue driving to some of the most famous and beautiful beaches on the island, such as Kalafatis, Agios Stefanos and Agios Giannis with its picture perfect view to Delos.
Explore the labyrinthine streets of Mykonos Town, famous for its windmills perched on top of the hill overlooking the bay. Soak up the charm of Little Venice, where the town meets the sea, as well as the small fishing port and the main Manto Square. Enjoy some free time to wander the cobbled streets at your leisure before we embark on the return journey.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at the hotel.
Duration: 3 hours.
Start/opening time: To be arranged locally with the supplier.
Languages: English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Verfügbar bis 31 Oktober 2017 danach ab 1 April 2018
Ausflüge in Mykonos - Mykonos Town Walking Tour – Private
Ausflüge in Mykonos: Explore the cobbled labyrinthine streets of Mykonos Town, a fishing port that still retains its old charm.
* Guided tour of the main sights
* See the windmills, Little Venice and more
* Free time to explore at your leisure
After being picked up from your hotel, join your guide for a discovery of Mykonos Town, also known as Chora. A charming port town with white-washed buildings contrasting against the deep blue sea, there is a lot more than meets the eye.
See the famous windmills that stand out against the skyline and head to the quaint neighbourhood of Little Venice, where the town meets the sea. Soak up the picture postcard sights as we continue along the winding streets bordered by bright white buildings, blue shutters and hanging flowers to Paraportiani Church and the fishing port. Head along the main shopping area, Manto Square, and then enjoy some free time to explore the town at your leisure. Pick up some souvenirs or simply enjoy the atmosphere before boarding the bus back to your hotel.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at the hotel.
Duration: 2 hours.
Start/opening time: To be arranged with the supplier.
Languages: English, French, Italian and Spanish.

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Ausflüge in Mykonos - Paradise Cruise
Ausflüge in Mykonos: Sail away to a day in paradise. Be amazed at the rock formations in Dragonissi, enjoy the serenity of the deserted beach Frangias and finish with some water sports at the active beach of Kalafatis
* Explore the coasts on a traditional boat
* Snorkel, swim, sunbathe and relax!
* Enjoy several refreshing drinks and indulge in a delicious Greek style lunch
Climb onboard and leave your cares behind. Sit back in the glorious Greek sun as we sail across the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea. On this traditional boat, we'll start by sailing down the south coast towards the east, taking in the beautiful landscapes along the way.
First, we'll visit the natural wonder that is the uninhabited island of Dragonissi. It is famous around the world for its spectacular rock formations and caves, the place where many Monk Seals call home. Be sure to look out for them chilling nearby!
Next, we'll head to Frangias, a calm and deserted beach perfect for people who want to get away from the crowded resorts and noisiness of the modern world. Listen to the rolling waves and breath in the fresh, sea air. Enjoy a refreshing drink such as ouzo, wine, juice or water and a little snack to recharge your energy. If you need to cool down, this is the ideal place for a leisurely swim or snorkel in the glistening sea.
Afterwards is our lunch stop! Indulge in a delicious typical Greek lunch consisting of Greek salad, tsatsiki followed by a main course and all washed down with wine and water. Once your belly is full, you'll have plenty of time to lie down on the beach and fully digest.
Our last stop is the exciting Paradise beach, famous for its popularity amongst the young party lovers and usually plays fun dance music in the background. You'll also find water sports station, offering a wide range of activities to get your adrenaline flowing. If that's not for you, you may always use this time for a relaxing coffee break.
Meeting/pick-up point: A staff member will waiting for you at the bus station just next to the beach and accompany you to the boat.
Start/opening time: At 9:30am.
End/closing time: At 6pm.

Verfügbar bis 30 September 2017 danach ab 15 Mai 2018
Ausflüge in Mykonos - Sailing Cruise to Rhenia Delos
Ausflüge in Mykonos: Visit the natural insular archaeological site of Delos and enjoy swimming to a secluded cove off the uninhabited island of Rhenia on a yacht cruise with a yummy light lunch and beverages on board. Feel free with a flexi program and choose on spot either a second beach stop for swimming in Rhenia or the guided visit of Delos. It is your day cruise!
Meeting/pick-up point: At the hotel.
Duration: 8 hours.
Start/opening time: At 10:15am.
End/closing time: Approx. 6:30pm.
Languages: English.
Included: Sailing yacht charter, fully licensed English speaking skipper, skipper’s Assistant (sailor), English Speaking Guide at the archaeological site of Delos (about 1,5 hours), light lunch on board, 1 soft drink or glass of wine or beer plus water and coffee, 1 farewell drink, snorkeling equipment, fuel charges.
Not included: Extra beverages are available on board on additional charge, beach towels, Entrance fees at the archaeological site of Delos (payable on site in cash).

Verfügbar bis 20 Oktober 2017 danach ab 2 Mai 2018
Ausflüge in Mykonos - Scuba Diving
Ausflüge in Mykonos: An exciting dive with expert instructors, perfect for beginners or newbies!
* Learn to dive in a fun environment
* Discover a new passion for diving
* Practice in a safe and supervised environment
Ever wondered what it would be like to breathe underwater? Well, why don’t you give it a go on this exciting diving experience, made for all beginners and newbies? Expert divers make the experience safe and easy to learn, providing a fun and thrilling experience to all new divers. When you discover scuba diving, you discover excitement and adventure – freedom and serenity. Nothing compares to the “weightless” exhilaration of breathing underwater.
Start the day with a new diver’s basic safety concepts lesson, learn how to put on the equipment and learn expert advice on how to use it. Then take the plunge and learn to swim and explore through the crystal clear waters, in a closely supervised environment. Let go of your weight and float effortlessly as you discover a whole new world.
Once you conquer the beginner’s class and love diving as much as we do, you should probably book part two of the class and become more advanced. This part includes another dive from the boat to a different dive spot. The biggest challenge instructors have is not coaxing participants into the water, but coaxing them out when the program is over.
Duration: Two hours approx.
Start/opening time: Please arrive at the meeting point at 9am. Operating hours: 9:30am-12pm (PADI I) / 9:30am-2pm (PADI II)
Languages: English.
Others: No suitable for children below 10 years of age.

Verfügbar bis 18 Oktober 2017 danach ab 21 April 2018
Ausflüge in Mykonos - Simply Mykonos
Ausflüge in Mykonos: Feel the magic of this almost exclusive island, Mykonos as we explore all of its most iconic and much-loved aspects. See the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city then move on to the paradise that is Kalafatis beach to fully relax
* See all the most iconic landmarks in Mykonos
* Understand the local culture and daily life
* Relax on one of the most precious beaches on the island
The pearl of the Aegean Sea, Mykonos is truly a slice of heaven on earth. With clear blue skies, quaint, little white washed houses, outstretching sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, it’s more beautiful than you can ever imagine. Starting early in the morning in Mykonos Town, we’ll wonder the little cobbled streets and ponder the everyday island life. With perfect lighting due to sunrise, we will stop for plenty of photo opportunities, so make sure to bring your camera!
We’ll roam around until we visit the ever so famous windmills, a key factor on the island due to the income generate for locals which were originally built by the Venetians in the 16th Century. Look out Mykonos’ loved mascot Petros the Pelican! This stunning creature is a local celebrity and majestically patrols the city.
Next we’ll make our way to Ano Mera, the island’s second largest village that consists of several scattered settlements where we will visit the fascinating 16th Century monastery. Admire its impressive marble pieces and its old fashioned water spigot, along with its very traditional architecture.
Last but not least, it’s time to kick back and relax under the glittering Greek sun on one of the best beaches Mykonos has to offer: Kalafatis. Head to a hidden gem spot that boasts incredible views over the town and neighboring islands! This enormous beach has various beach bars and restaurants on the sea line and everything you could possibly need. Maybe have a well-deserved snooze before we make our way back home.
Meeting/ pick-up point: Fabrica square.
Duration: Four hours.
Start/opening time:
Tuesday & Wednesday:
4pm at the meeting point. Tour start time at 4:30pm. End time: 8:30pm. Return time: approximately 9pm.
Saturday & Sunday:
9am at the meeting point. Tour start time at 9:30am. End time: 1:30pm. Return time: approximately 2pm.
Languages: English, French and German.

Verfügbar ab 2 Mai 2018
Ausflüge in Mykonos - Spa Treatment at Mykonian Ambassador
Ausflüge in Mykonos: Myconos is considered to be a party island but even still everybody needs some rest and relax during its vacation. A spa treatment is an excellent option towards this direction and one of the best choices is the spa centre of the Hotel Mykonian Ambassador. Situated close to the beach of Platis Yialos, this hotel will offer guests an experience of a luxury Mykonos hotel beyond compare. The hotel will take guests through a journey of extraordinary senses woven with the Mykonian style and a contemporary touch of luxury.
The St Barth Products company is owned and run by the Brin family – whose French ancestors settled there in the 17thcentury. With generations of knowledge, they used their expertise in combining Caribbean traditions and modern technology in a seamless fashion. The St Barth products are hailed by industry professionals for their originality and exceptional quality. You have different options available:
Caribbean Dream – including St. Barth Harmony and St. Barth Pureness treatment. The St Barth Harmony is a relaxing pampering body massage of 45 minutes made with different products, which effects are perfectly harmonised with one another. It helps to remove blockages and to drain the lymphatic system, improves the elasticity of connective tissue, smoothes and tautens the epidermis.
St Barth Pureness includes a treatment of the face, nape of the neck, décolleté and hands. The natural vitamins and minerals, elements of the high quality plant based products are clarifying the skin in depth and simultaneously stimulating its activity. For clear, even and fresh-looking skin.
Caribbean Tanning – consisting on two visits. The first day includes a 1-hour Suntanning treatement by St. Barth. After a gentle and relaxing whole body exfoliation special products will be massaged into your skin in order to intensify the tanning ability of your skin. A perfect preparation for a wonderful day at the beach.
The second day includes a 1-hour St. Barth Sensation & Pureness treatment. The St. Bart Sensation includes an intensively moisturising body pack, which enhances the appearance and elasticity of the skin by supplying it with a high level of lipids. After a pampering and fragrant massage, the skin will shine like silk. The St Barth Pureness includes a face and neckline (decollete ) treatment with hand massage 1-hour treatment of the face, nape of the neck, décolleté and hands. The natural vitamins and minerals, elements of the high quality plant based products.
Duration: Depends on the treatment.
Start/opening time: At 9am.
End/closing time: At 9pm.

Verfügbar bis 24 September 2017 danach ab 27 Mai 2018
Ausflüge in Mykonos - Sunset Cruise
Ausflüge in Mykonos: What better way to end your day than by a magical boat ride into the sunset? Indulge in a glass of wine as the sun slowly goes down and the stars start to light up the sky
* Romantic sunset boat ride
* Precious views of the coast and local islands
* Enjoy two free drinks onboard
Say goodbye to your day with a relaxing sail out into the deep blue sea as the sun sets. Feel the boat smoothly ride over the calm waters as the sun shimmers and reflects off of the surface. Take in the vast array of colours and the beauty that is the coast of Mykonos.
Admire views of famous small islands that we pass by from a unique point of view. Look out for sights of “Ano and Kato Rematiaris”, two little islands off the coast of Mykonos. We’ll pass these and head further out to the uninhabited islands where we’ll witness the magical sun setting over Delos.
Treat yourself to a well-deserved drink whilst onboard. Choose from a great variety including white wine, gin & tonic, sparkling wine, Ouzo, beer and soft drinks. With your refreshing drink sit back and observe one of nature’s finest spectacles.
Meeting/pick-up point: Ornos Beach, a staff member will waiting for you at the bus station just next to the beach and accompany you to the boat.
Duration: Depending of Sunset, hours can change.
Start/opening time: At 6pm.
End/closing time: At 20.30 pm.

Verfügbar bis 29 September 2017 danach ab 4 Mai 2018
Ausflüge in Mykonos - Tinos Island
Ausflüge in Mykonos: A visit to Tinos has become something of a pilgrimage, a virtual act of faith, for anyone staying in Mykonos. This island, some 45 minutes away by ferry, is home to one of the most famous and sacred churches in Greece, the Panagia Evangelistria, an awe-inspiring shrine atop a hill dominating Tinos town. The Renaissance-style church was built where a nun found an icon buried at a spot revealed by the Virgin Mary. Since then, the icon and church, and even town itself, have been associated with miracles and wondrous deeds.
The iconic shrine is the first stop of the Tinos Tour, which then heads to the quaint, whitewashed monastery of Kechrovouni, before continuing on to the majestic mountain of Exomvourgo, with its castle ruins at the summit. Then we’re off to the gorgeous little hamlet of Volax, famous for its traditional basket makers, where we will stop for a break.
We will then head back towards the coast, to Panormos. Here, too, we will stop for a rest, with guests free to roam the streets of this fishing village located in a crescent-shaped bay.
The final stop is the marble-producing hilltop village of Pyrgos, which is dominated by a striking double-fronted church.
From there, it will be on to Tinos, where we will have some free time before we catch the ferry back to Mykonos, arriving at about 10.15 pm.
Meeting/pick-up point: to be advised by fax.
Start/opening time: 12.45pm.
End/closing time: 10.45pm.

Verfügbar bis 30 September 2017 danach ab 10 Mai 2018
Ausflüge in Mykonos - Watersports in Kalafatis Beach
Ausflüge in Mykonos: Enjoy water sport activities in Kalafat. Kalafatis Beach is one of the biggest not crowed beaches on the island ideal for water sports. Sun beds and umbrellas are available for rent, though there is plenty of space on the right to lay your towel. On the sand there is a beach volley court, a lifeguard on duty and a water sports area. Jet ski, Water Ski, Wake board, Tubes, Banana Ride are all there to raise your sensations and enhance you active spirit!
Start/opening time: At 10am.

Verfügbar bis 20 Oktober 2017 danach ab 1 April 2018
Ausflüge in Mykonos - Wine Tasting and Local Cuisine Tour - Private tour
Ausflüge in Mykonos: Discover the rich gastronomy of Mykonos with a wine tasting, traditional lunch and dessert in Mykonos Town.
* Taste local wines at a traditional vineyard
* Try local delicacies in Ornos
* Visit a traditional patisserie in Mykonos Town
You’ll be picked up from your hotel to head into the Maou district just north of Ano Mera. Enjoy the pleasant drive along vineyards filled with Syrah and Cabernet grapes into the Assimomitis Traditional Vineyard. Here you see how roses help to overcome the diseases that afflict the grapes and take the opportunity to taste samples of the organic wines, called “Paraportiano”, along with some mezze (xinotyro, kopanisti and louza), traditional hors d’oeuvres in Mykonos.
Leaving the vineyard behind continue to the picturesque village of Ornos where at a local restaurant you get to tuck into a rich buffet of typical appetizers accompanied by a glass of Ouzo. The final touch comes in Mykonos Town where we visit a traditional patisserie, Mandarini, to enjoy a variety of local and Greek desserts washed down with a typical liqueur. Take a short walking tour before heading back to your hotel.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at the hotel.
Duration: 4 hours.
Start/opening time: To be arranged.
Languages: English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Verfügbar bis 6 Oktober 2017 danach ab 1 Mai 2018
Ausflüge in Mykonos - Yoga Group Lessons
Ausflüge in Mykonos: Unique Group Yoga Lessons at special designed venues overlooking a breathtaking view of the sacred island of Delos.
Awakening Yoga
Wake up, breathe and flow into the island’s sacred and revitalizing energy. The stunning views will enrich and enlighten everyone who partakes in it. This is a YOGA morning program which provides a total awakening to mind, body and soul through a combination of Exercise, Meditation and Music.
Our class is based on Hatha Yoga and Pilates exercises which are specially shaped for all ages. Awakening Yoga will give the Yoga lovers an opportunity to experience their practice from the most unique vantage point Mykonos has to offer. Discover Awakening Yoga as part of your Mykonos experience!
Class will begin at 8.30 sharp and the flow will last approximately one hour. Following Savasana, guests will enjoy their organic herbal tea in the spacious open-air bar of Mykonos Theoxenia Boutique Hotel. Price included: 1h Yoga Lesson, a mat, a towel and complimentary organic herbal tea following the practice. Sunset Yoga
At Mykonos Theoxenia Boutique Hotel, in a place where the sky meets the sea and the sea gets colors from the sky during the sunset, we invite you to live a magical and unforgettable experience: the Sunset Yoga session!
Relax, breathe and flow into the island’s sacred and revitalizing energy. Our class is based on Hatha Yoga and Pilates exercises which are specially shaped for all ages. Therefore, Yoga lovers of all levels are encouraged to attend and lend their positive energy to the practice.
Sunset Yoga will give the Yoga lovers an opportunity to experience their practice from the most unique vantage point Mykonos has to offer. Discover Sunset Yoga as part of your Mykonos experience!
Class will begin promptly 1h before sunset time, the flow will last through sunset and ends with a moment of rest exactly on the sunset. Following Savasana, guests will enjoy their organic herbal tea in the spacious open-air bar of Mykonos Theoxenia Boutique Hotel.
Meeting/pick-up point: Mykonos Theoxenia Boutique Hotel.
Duration: 1 hour.
Start/opening time: Awakening Yoga: 8.15am.
Sunset Yoga: 01/05 – 21/05: 7.15pm, 22/05 – 11/06: 7.30pm, 12/06 – 16/07: 7.45pm, 17/07 – 30/07: 7.30pm, 31/07 – 13/08: 7.15pm, 14/08 – 27/08: 7pm, 28/08 – 03/09: 6.45pm, 04/09 – 10/09: 6.30pm, 11/09 – 24/09: 6.15pm, 25/09 – 01/10: 6pm and 02/10 – 06/10: 5.45pm.
Please arrive 15 minutes early.
Includes: A mat, a towel and complimentary organic herbal tea afterwards.