Ausflüge in Kochi-Cochin - Backwater Cruise with Lunch at Alleppey
Ausflüge in Kochi-Cochin: The Backwaters of Kerala is a network of interconnected canals, rivers, lakes and inlets formed by more than 900 km of waterways. The backwaters have a unique ecosystem - freshwater from the rivers meets the seawater from the Arabian Sea. Backwater Cruise on the Vembanad lake allows you to have a close look at rustic village life-skiff-fishermen, lush green rice fields thinning out into the distance and coconut groves with the occasional temple or church, ostensibly rich with marine bounty.
Meeting/ pick-up point: Hotel Lobby.
Duration: Approx. 6 to 7 hours.
Start/opening time: At 7.30am.
End/closing time: At 3pm.
Languages: English.
Others: This tour is not available during the monsoon season.

Ausflüge in Kochi-Cochin - Cochin City Tour
Ausflüge in Kochi-Cochin: Meet the ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’ and discover one of the most majestic cities in India. Kochi boasts a magnificent setting on a cluster of islands and narrow peninsulas on the southeast coast, and blends Christian, Islamic, Hindu and Jewish traditions.
Explore the fascinating older parts of the Fort Kochi area, which more or less exists as it used to be a thousand years ago. This district reflects an unusual blend of Portuguese, Dutch and English colonial architecture grafted on to the tropical Malabar Coast. See the 16th century Mattancherry Palace, a restored colonial fort with elegant buildings and interesting historical collections from the region.
The standout feature of Kochi is the unexpected and isolated Jewish community, whose origins date back to 52 AD. It is self-contained and has its own synagogue. The area around the synagogue, known as Jew Town, is one of the main centres of the spice trade. Scores of small firms trade in old, dilapidated buildings and the air is filled with the aroma of ginger, cardamom, cumin, turmeric and cloves.
See Kochi’s fishermen, who still use ancient cantilevered fishing nets, which are fixed to long bamboo poles on the shore. When fishing, the poles with the nets are lowered by a primitive fulcrum mechanism. Then the pole and nets are lifted along with the catch. There is also the possibility of a visit to a coir (fibres from coconut husks) factory.
Meeting/pick-up point: Collection from hotel.
Start/opening time: 8.30am.
End/closing time: 4pm.
Languages: English.

Ausflüge in Kochi-Cochin - Cochin Sunset Cruise
Ausflüge in Kochi-Cochin: The sunset cruise on Kochi Harbour provides a tranquil escape from the bustling metropolitan areas and one can admire exquisite seaside views of Fort Kochi, Bolgatty Island, Willingdon Island, the Kochi shipyard and the structurally impressive Chinese fishing nets. End your tour by viewing the sun sinking into the horizon – a mesmerizing experience!
Meeting/ pick-up point: Hotel of stay.
Duration: Between one-and-a-half hour and two hours.
Start/opening time: Depends on sunset timings & hotel of stay. Please contact the provider to confirm your pickup time for sightseeing / excursion.
Languages: English.

Ausflüge in Kochi-Cochin - Excursion to Athirapally waterfalls - private
Ausflüge in Kochi-Cochin: Athirapally waterfalls are one of the most popular picnic spots in Kerala. It is 60 km drive from Cochin. Chalakkudy where Athirapally waterfalls is located, is famous for its rivers, forests and numerous waterfalls. This Sholayar ranges patches is so beautifully intertwined lushes of silver cascades that sizzles and green forest that it became one of the hottest tourist spots in Kerala. Athirapally falls is the most famous among various other small ones beautiful enough to attract those interested.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at the hotel.
Duration: Three to four hours.
Start/opening time: At 10.30am. Pick up at 9am.
Languages: English.

Ausflüge in Kochi-Cochin - Excursion to Kalamandalam - private
Ausflüge in Kochi-Cochin: Kalamandalam or the institution of learning the performing arts (traditional Indian dance forms) is jointly promoted by the Kerala Tourism. Kerala Kalamandalam is the premiere public institution in India imparting training in and conducting performances of the classical arts of Kerala viz. Kathakali, Kutiyattam, Mohiniyaattam, Thullal and Panchavaadyam.
Founded in 1930 by eminent poet Padmabhooshan Vallathol Narayana Menon in the Cheruthuruthy village, Kalamandalam is an immortal name in the cultural map of the world. Training in art-disciplines at Kalamandalam essentially adheres to the ancient Gurukula sambradaaya (The traditional mode of education which calls for a deep bond between the teacher and the student). Kalamandalam is strictly a residential center of learning. Veteran teachers and talented students are its inestimable wealth. For art-recitals, demonstrations and workshops held in Kalamandalam and outside, artiste-teachers and students participate. Kalamandalam Kathakali, Kutiyattam, Mohiniyaatam and Thullal Troupes have travelled widely in India and abroad for programs, lecture-demonstrations and workshops. They have represented India in many an international dance and theater festival.
The institute runs a special program “A Day with the masters” which is termed as a pilgrimage to the most sacred temple of arts, giving a world class experience to the visitors, with an unique menu of presentations that bring out the grandeur of the institution. Here one can watch closely the different aspects beginning from the preparation till execution. This program includes a presentation and visit to Koothambalam (Traditional Temple Theatre) followed by sneak peek into the teaching classes followed by different dance performances by the students of Kalamandalam.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at the hotel.
Duration: Six to seven hours.
Start/opening time: At 9am. Pick up at 6.30am.
Languages: English.
Others: Closed on all Saturdays, Sundays, All National, Regional, Academic holidays, Summer vacations from mid-March-mid June, Onam Vacations in August and September (as per Kalamandalam authorities) and during exams as declared by the Kalamandalam authorities, please check for exact details.

Ausflüge in Kochi-Cochin - Guruvayur and elephant tour
Ausflüge in Kochi-Cochin: Guruvayur is a pilgrim center which has its own glory and greatness, mainly because of the divinity enshrined in the Sanctum - Sanctorum (central shrine) of the temple and the unique charm of the idol installed in it.
The Devaswom (Temple) maintains a unique elephant sanctuary, the only one of its kind in the World with 51 elephants. These jumbos are the offering of the devotees to the Lord. The present elephant sanctuary is in Punnathur Kotta about 3 kms north of Guruvayur temple. A large number of pilgrims and tourists visit this fascinating spot every day. In this vast compound, there are road facilities for pilgrims and tourists to go around.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at the hotel.
Duration: Six to seven hours.
Start/opening time: At 10am. Pick up at 8am.
Languages: English.
Others: Guruvayur temple can be seen only from outside and entry for non-hindus is restricted. The Elephant camp where the temple owned elephants are housed is open on all days. Tourists are not allowed to participate in the elephant bathing as it is not done in hygienic surroundings.

Ausflüge in Kochi-Cochin - Hill Palace Museum and Folklore Museum tour - private
Ausflüge in Kochi-Cochin: The Hill Palace Museum is Kerala's first heritage museum noted for royal collections of the erstwhile Maharaja of Kochi, is today the largest archaeological museum in Kerala.
Built in 1865, the palace complex consists of 49 buildings in the traditional architectural style of Kerala, sprawled over 52 acres of beautifully landscaped terraced land which houses a deer park and facilities for horse riding. Numerous species of flora including rare medicinal plants grow here. On display in the full-fledged Ethno-archaeological museum are oil-paintings, murals, sculptures in stone and manuscripts, inscriptions, coins, belongings of the Kochi royal family and royal furniture including the simhasana (throne).
Upon return, visit the Folk-lore museum. Each and every article here is a herald of a glorious past. For the art lover there is no better feast than this. For the researcher and the scholar, they need not go anywhere else to get an in depth knowledge about the Artistic Heritage of South India, especially Kerala.
The Museum Shop here caters to the fancies of the Collectors. Here one can buy artifacts and antiques with a Provenance Certificate. Any person who wants to know the value of his own antiques can consult the experts and get to know the period, style and value of his antiques.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at the hotel.
Duration: Six to seven hours.
Start/opening time: At 9am. Pick up at 8.30am.
Languages: English.
Others: The Hill Museum remains closed on Mondays and national holidays.

Ausflüge in Kochi-Cochin - Kalaripayattu traditional martial art performance - private
Ausflüge in Kochi-Cochin: Kalaripayattu the martial art form of Kerala is regarded as the oldest and more scientific in the world. Training in combat is given at the kalari (training school). The principles of kalari education stipulate that training in martial art begins with an oil massage of the body which goes on until the body is agile and supple. Feats like chattom (jumping), ottam (running), marichil (somersault) etc. are then taught, followed by the lessons the use of weapons such as daggers, swords, spears, maces, the bow and arrow and so on. Kalaripayattu training aims at the ultimate co-ordination of the mind and body. The traditional training in a kalari includes specialization in indigenous medical practice too.
Kalaris are also centers of religious worship. The general guidelines to be followed in kalaripayattu demand that once the course is complete, a person should undergo oil massage and engage in the practice of the feats at-least once a year to help him keep in shape. The duration of the Kalari show is 45 minute to 1 hour and 6 to 7 warriors participate in the Demonstration.
The show starts with introduction of Kalarippayattu. Kalari is decorated with traditional oil lamp and flowers. The performers perform the Kalari items accompanying by the traditional musical instruments, such as ‘chendamelam’, ‘panchavadiyam’, edaka and other musical instruments. The visitor gets an opportunity to watch the handling of weapons used in Kalarippayattu. Explanation is given before the start of each performance to help the visitors understand thrilling experience one is going to watch.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at the hotel.
Duration: Two to three hours.
Start/opening time: At 4pm. Pick up at 3.30pm.
Languages: English.
Others: The pick-up time may vary depending upon your hotel. Please check for exact pick-up times.

Ausflüge in Kochi-Cochin - Kathakali Dance Performance
Ausflüge in Kochi-Cochin: Kathakali is the most well-known dance drama from the south Indian state of Kerala. The word Kathakali literally means ''Story-Play''. It is known for its large, elaborate makeup and costumes and the hand gestures are used to convey the story. These hand gestures, known as mudra, are common throughout much of classical Indian dance. During this visit, you will also get a chance to see the artisans applying make-up as well.
Meeting/ pick-up point: Hotels at 4.00pm. Please contact the provider to confirm your pickup time for sightseeing / excursion.
Duration: Between one-and-half hour and two hours.
Languages: English

Ausflüge in Kochi-Cochin - Traditional lunch and cookery class - private
Ausflüge in Kochi-Cochin: Nimmy, a professional cookery instructor, and her stockbroker husband Paul, offers food and hospitality to foreign guests. Nimmy and Paul belong to traditional Syrian Christian community in Kerala. In keeping with the tradition of their families they enjoy having guests and serving good food.
Nimmy conducts cookery classes. She teaches guests the nuances of traditional Kerala recipes. She is also a food consultant to writers, chefs and magazines. Articles by her and about her have appeared in magazines and newspapers
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at the hotel.
Duration: Two to three hours.
Start/opening time: At 11.30am. Pick up at 11am.
Languages: English.
Others: The pick-up time may vary depending upon your hotel. Please check for exact pick-up times. In case of non-availability of host the programme may be shifted to alternate date.

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