Ausflüge in Kolkata-Calcutta - 18th century Kolkata tour
Ausflüge in Kolkata-Calcutta: The area covered by this walk was originally known in the eighteenth century as ‘Lal Dighi’ (Red Lake), and later as Tank Square. Later still, in the heydays of the British administration, it was called Dalhousie Square, after Lord Dalhousie who was the Governor General in the 1850s.
Later on it was renamed as Benoy – Badal – Dinesh Bag (popularly known as BBD Bag) in the memory of three Indian nationalist martyrs – Benoy Krishna Bose, Badal Gupta and Dinesh Chandra Gupta. The area near around the Dalhousie Square provide one of the most interesting walks through eighteenth and nineteenth century history and architecture of Kolkata.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at the hotel.
Duration: Two to three hours.
Start/opening time: At 7am.
Languages: English.
Others: Tour timings subject to change.

Ausflüge in Kolkata-Calcutta - City Tour Calcutta
Ausflüge in Kolkata-Calcutta: Explore two worlds, two eras and two continents in one day with this awe-inspiring tour of Kolkata. Visit symbols of the British Raj such as the Victoria Memorial and Belvedere House, and then visit two outstanding Hindu temples, symbols themselves of the pervasiveness of Bengali culture in the face of foreign control, before enjoying stunning views of the city from the emblematic Howrah Bridge.
The imposing white marble Victoria Memorial was built by the British in 1921 and was modelled on the Taj Mahal, though it is a masterpiece in its own right. Built in the Mughal-Gothic style so beloved of the late Raj, it offers tree-lined walks in splendid parks with plenty of statues and graceful reflections on ponds. Just a few hundred metres to the east is St Paul’s Cathedral, which is a glistening example of Gothic revival architecture.
Continue to the National Library of India, which is located in the beautiful Belvedere House, the onetime residence of the lieutenant governor of Bengal. It houses the largest collection of books in the country, across six sections. Afterwards visit the riverside Dakshineswar Kali Temple and the architecturally significant Belur Math, which combines the features of a church, a temple and a mosque, and embodies the spirit of religious fraternity.
Finish your tour with a dramatic photo-stop at the Howrah Bridge, also known as the gateway of Kolkata. This stunning steel structure spans the Hooghly River and has been one of the symbols of Kolkata since it was built.
Meeting/pick-up point: Collection from hotel.
Start/opening time: From 8.30am to 9pm.
End/closing time: 4pm.
Languages: English.

Ausflüge in Kolkata-Calcutta - College Street tour
Ausflüge in Kolkata-Calcutta: In this tour one walks through the medical college, Kolkata University, Mirzapur street eateries, Sanskrit college, Old bookshops and eating houses and college street market to understand the life of the youth.
This visit to College Street provides an interesting insight into the social and intellectual concerns that shaped India, culminating in the struggle for independence from British rule.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at the hotel.
Duration: Two to three hours.
Start/opening time: Pick up at 9.30am; start time at 10am. Languages: English.
Others: Tour times subject to change.

Ausflüge in Kolkata-Calcutta - Cruise on Hoogly River in English
Ausflüge in Kolkata-Calcutta: Kolkata by the river is a cruise known to have been born on the bank of Great River Ganges. It will be a sail down the memory lane, from the time when Job Charnock dropped his first anchor at Cossim Bazar. Framed between the two steel structures of Vidyasagar Setu and the magnificent Howrah Bridge, very old landmarks from the days of the British Raj, there are numerous ghats that relate to us of Kolkata's past and present life. The vessel casts off from Babughat Jetty. It sails down the Howrah Bridge, the unique cantilever Bridge across the river Ganga joining the two metropolises of Kolkata and Howrah. It also sails past the Howrah Railway Station, one of the busiest in the world, and various heritage sites on the banks of the great river, including numerous temples and bathing ghats, the historical point of arrival of Job Charnock, the House of Dolls, the Nimtolla Ghat, the oldest Gun and Shell Factory in India at Casipore.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at hotel.
Duration: Between 3 – 4 hours.
Start/opening time: At 3pm.
-End/closing time: At 5:30pm.
Languages: English
Others: Only life- Saving tubes are available on board. Life saving jackets can be made available on request on extra supplement. Please check for exact timings of operation.

Ausflüge in Kolkata-Calcutta - East river bank tour
Ausflüge in Kolkata-Calcutta: This walk takes one along the east bank of the river, which has seen the city as it developed over the last three hundred years or so. It should be kept in mind, however, that in the seventeenth century the river flowed forty to fifty yards east of its present course.
Since about the end of the eighteenth century, the river started shifting its course westwards. Some of the landmarks as seen in the old aquatints, therefore, appear more inland today than they originally were.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at the hotel.
Duration: Three to four hours.
Start/opening time: Pick up at 8am; start time at 8.30am. Languages: English.
Others: Tour times subject to change.

Ausflüge in Kolkata-Calcutta - Excursion to Bandel Church and Hangseswari Temple
Ausflüge in Kolkata-Calcutta: This morning you shall be driven to Bansberia - one of main villages of ancient Saptagram to visit the temples of Ananta Vasudev (Lord Vishnu) and Hangseswari Temple which is known for its unique architectural style. Afterwards proceed to Hoogly-Chinsurah and visit the Bandel Church which is among the oldest churches in West Bengal followed by Hoogly Imambara better known or intricate designs and text from the holy book "Quraan".
Later you shall be visiting Chandan Strand - a very beautiful tourist spot along the banks of river "Ganges", Chandannagar Museum & Institute housing beautiful collection of French antiques. The tour culminates with a visit to The Sacred Heart Church which marks the beauty of the French period
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at the hotel.
Duration: Nine to ten hours.
Start/opening time: Pick up at 8am; start time at 10.30am. Languages: English.
Others: The tour involves long drive. It is very important for the visitors to wear clothes which are appropriate and do not cause distraction/inconvenience to fellow devotees/travelers.

Ausflüge in Kolkata-Calcutta - Sundarbans Tiger Reserve tour
Ausflüge in Kolkata-Calcutta: Sunderbans, the world's largest estuarine forest and delta covered by mangrove forests and vast saline mud flats is situated on the lower end of Gangetic West Bengal. With a little luck one may experience a salt water Crocodile sunbathing in the mud; a flash in the corner of your eye could be Deer running into the forests.
Most famously, however, this protected area is home to the Royal Bengal Tiger. You can also explore the wildlife of Sunderban that harbours Jungle Cats, Fishing Cats, Axis Deer, Wild Boar, Rhesus Monkeys, Mongooses and the largest Estuarine Crocodiles in the world.
Sunderban is the breeding ground of immense variety of birds like Heron, Egret, Cormorant, Fishing Engle, White Bellied Sea Eagle, Seagul, Tern, Kingfisher as well as migratory birds like Whimprel, Black-tailed Godwit, Little Stint, Eastern Knot, Curlew, Sandpiper, Golden Plover, Pintail, White-eyed Pochard and also Whistling teal. A wide variety of aquatic and reptile life forms that include Olive Ridley sea turtle, hardshelled Batgur Terrapin, Pythons, King Cobra, Chequered Killback, Monitor and Lizards including the Salvator Lizards are also there.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at the hotel.
Duration: Twelve to thirteen hours.
Start/opening time: At 7am.
Languages: English.
Others: It is mandatory for a client to carry passport in original with a photocopy of the same along-with 2 passport size photographs (front facing with light (preferably white) background). The tour is not recommended during Monsoon season. The tour involves long drive & sailing on the vessel.

Ausflüge in Kolkata-Calcutta - Terracotta paradise tour
Ausflüge in Kolkata-Calcutta: Once known as Mallabhum or the Land of Wrestlers, Bishnupur abounds in legends of heroic kings, who are remembered as much for their exploits as for their patronage of art and architecture. This town of terracotta temples and man-made lakes is proof of the Malla rulers of 16th century who became powerful during this period.
Since Bishnupur had no stone for construction, the Malla kings built terracotta temples to celebrate their love for Krishna. Terracotta tiles carve out stories from the Ramayana and Mahabharata and these temples of Bishnupur are the pride of Bengal. Conclude the visit with Jogesh Chandra Museum established by a group of enthusiastic youth.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at the hotel.
Duration: Eleven to twelve hours.
Start/opening time: Pick up at 7.30am; start time at 10.30am. Languages: English.
Others: Jogesh Chandra Museum remains closed on Mondays. The tour involves long drive.

Ausflüge in Kolkata-Calcutta - The market walking tour
Ausflüge in Kolkata-Calcutta: The tour begins with a visit to 125 year old Flower market, moving to Bara Bazar (meaning big market) for multipurpose goods, Ezra Street (the electrical goods market), Chitpur Road (multipurpose goods), Mechua (fruit market), Kumartuli (Idol’s Market), College Street (book market) and New Market (multipurpose). This tour is a combination of walk & drive, so one has to be physically & mentally prepared.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at hotel.
Duration: Between 7 and 8 hours.
Start/opening time: At 9.30am.
-End/closing time: At 4pm.
Languages: English.

Ausflüge in Kolkata-Calcutta - Visit Shanti Niketan
Ausflüge in Kolkata-Calcutta: Shanti Niketan means the abode of peace. In 1863, a meditation center was founded at Shanti Niketan by Maharishi Debendranath Tagore, the father of the world famous Bengali Poet Rabindranath Tagore. Rabindranath established the Brahma Vidyalaya and in 1901 another open air school “Brahmacharya Ashram”.
In 1921, it had expanded into Vishwa Bharati University – a residential university with an international body, hostels and extensive grounds. In includes separate colleges for fine arts and crafts, dance, music, teachers’ training, Asian languages, technology, postgraduate studies and research. Visit China Bhawan, Chhatimala, Kala Bhawan, Sangeet Bhawan & Uttrayan Complex.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at the hotel.
Duration: Eleven to twelve hours.
Start/opening time: Pick up at 7.30am; start time at 10.30am. Languages: English.
Others: The tour is not operational on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Photography is restricted at Tagore Museum. The tour involves long drive.

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